Download Wickr The World’s Most Advanced & Secure Messaging System For iPhone

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Now and then we get an applications for iPhone that leaves us stunned at the simplicity or complexity of an application which amazes us. An application of this category is Wickr. Wickr can be described as one of the world’s most advanced and secure messaging system for the iPhone, and when I mean secure, I literally mean it.

Wickr Secure Messaging System

Wickr is one of the handful of apps that focus on secure environment for sending and receiving messages. All messages are so secure that it’s almost impossible for a third party to check your messages. It has a “military grade” encryption system that makes it look like something out of a James Bond movie or mission impossible.

You can send messages with the ability to “self-destruct”, that “destructs” messages after a selected period of time. A message that is deleted is overwritten with so much data that it becomes almost impossible for a third party to recover (CIA, FBI?).

Wickr provides:

• military-grade encryption of text, picture, audio and video messages
• sender-based control over who can read messages, where and for how long
• best available privacy, anonymity and anti-forensic features
• security that is simple to use

Wickr deletes all metadata from your pictures, video and audio files, like your device info, your location, and any personal information captured during the creation of those files.

I have personally test Wickr out and it does what it says. It is one of the best apps for secure messaging and as the price of Wickr is free, it is an application worth trying.

After testing out Wickr, one of the big drawbacks that is that you can only send messages to those who are in your Wickr contact list. So if a person who does not use Wickr you can’t send a message using this secure system. But I think those who really need this secure and advanced system will have not be short of people using Wickr.

Download Wickr iTunes link.

If you are going to try Wickr for iPhone out, let us know how your experience went.

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