Top 5 Cydia Tweaks For iPhone in 2012

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Cydia, the app store for jailbroken iDevices, brings you Cydia Tweaks, which take your iPhone to an advanced level, with greater modifications. In order to make the most out of your iPhone you must be looking for best cydia tweaks, thus here comes top 5 cydia tweaks for iPhone in 2012.

Best Cydia Tweaks For iPhone

5. Activator Cydia Tweak

Activator is an amazing tweak which gives you direct indications about the activities that are being performed by your iPhone. The tiny indications that are displayed on the screen, for example when your iPhone is connected to the charger, are extremely advance and helpful. Furthermore, through this you can update your locations, add icon to menus, add handset connected or not events and much more.

4. SBSetting Cydia Tweak

This is that amazing tweak for which all iPhone users want to jailbreak their phones, as this tweak provides shortcuts to all those options that mandatory to be used almost everyday. SBSetting directly takes you to WiFi, Bluetooth etc. With that it even frees the memory of your iPhone.

3. IntelliscreenX Cydia Tweak

This is the most wanted cydia tweak for improving your social life, as it takes your notification center to a higher level and makes reading extremely easy. Through this you can send and receive mails, set up your face book and twitter pages, check your RSS feed and news reader etc. You can even know about the information system, control brightness and much more.

2. AppsCenter Cydia Tweak

AppsCenter is another interesting tweak which gives you the direct link to your target through the notification center. This tweak reduces your time and makes your phone a quick device to whatever you want.

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1. Zephyr Cydia Tweak

Zephyr is the best among all cydia tweaks and is therefore on the top of this list. This tweak reduces the use of the single home button of iPhone to minimize the time, as with a single swipe you open or close any app, get back to the spring board etc.

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  1. I have four of them installed on my phone but IntelliscreenX is way too endemic for battery … bdway these five are my personal favorites as well. 🙂

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