Top 5 Best iPhone Apps For Driving In 2012

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For each of your activity the app store is very concerned, thus it launches various apps for all of them. Driving too is something quite important, hence the app store is full of iPhone apps for driving. Noe if you are confused which one to opt, than here we bring only for you the list of Top 5 Best iPhone Apps For Driving In 2012, which are going to make driving fun, save and easy.

Top Driving iPhone Apps 2012

5. Cheap Gas iPhone App

Cheap Gas is really useful app while driving, as it keeps you updated about your nearest gas stations and the gas prices. This means that if your car is getting out of gas and don’t know about the nearest gas station than this iPhone app is the solution to your problem, as it will guide you to your destination in no time.

Price: Free

Download Cheap Gas iPhone App.

4. G-Park iPhone App

If your memory is not very good and if you each time forget the place where you have parked than no need to panic because your iPhone is enough to help you out through this amazing app called G-Park. This app gives the option to mark the location of your car in your iPhone, when you have parked it through ‘park me’ button. Than when you return press the ‘where did i parked’ button and the app will indicate you its location. Moreover, G-Park iPhone app also shows you the worlds map, with amazing graphics.

Price: $0.99

Download G-Park iPhone App.

3. RepairPal iPhone App

RepairPal iPhone app, for driving, is something really mind blowing, as it provides you with all the tiny details about your vehicle repair. This iPhone app tell you about all the repair shops around you and also tell you the prices charged by all these shops. Its makes you fully confident before you can get yourself before the staring.

Price: Free

Download RepairPal iPhone App.

2. iPhone App

Using mobile phone while driving is a major reason that causes road accidents, but your iPhone even cares for your save driving, hence it introduces you a new app called This app minimizes the use of your by reading all your messages and mails loud, due to which you don’t have to touch your phone again and again thus your concentration is also not diverted.

Price: Free

Download iPhone App.

1. Magellan RoadMate iPhone App

Directions and locations the most important things when you are driving, which should always be accurate and up to date. But keeping everything in mind is not something very easy but again your iPhone is the solution to this problem too, through its breathtaking apps. One such navigation app that is included in the list of top 5 best iPhone app for driving is the Magellan RoadMate. Using this makes you feel as if you are using a fully equipped navigation system, that is designed to take you to your desired place. For the ease of the user the app also includes the calling of the street names using the GPS.

Price: $59.99

Download Magellan RoadMate iPhone App.

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  1. The apps are really helpful if you travels a lot, Cheap Gas iPhone app seems pretty good in the list of selection.

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