Top 5 Most Expensive Cydia Apps For iPhone In 2012

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When Free Cydia Apps are so amazing than just image how good are going to be the apps for which you are paying, especially when it comes to the most expensive cydia apps for iPhone. These are so dazzling that they are simply going to blow your mind up. This means now you are fascinated to know about them, thus here comes the list of Top 5 Most Expensive Cydia Apps For iPhone In 2012.

RecognizeMe Cydia App For iPhone

This amazing cydia app for jailbroken iPhone,  makes the security system even more safe and secure. RecognizeMe initially reads your face and than makes it your security code, than when you unlock your phone the front camera scans your face and allow you to entry. No need to panic if, due to any error you cannot unlock your phone, because you have the PIN number to enter to the world of iPhone.

Price: $3.99

Download RecognizeMe from BigBoss repository.

Zephyr Cydia App For iPhone

Zephyr is truly one of the best cydia app for which you will definitely be ready to jailbreak your iPhone and pay a high amount, thus it is also included in the list of top 5 most expensive cydia tweaks. This apps promotes multitasking and minimizes the use of the lone button of the iPhone, hence saving the time. This means that for switching from one app to another you don’t need to double press the button but only swipe on the screen and you are done. Furthermore, to get to the spring board directly, while using an app, you just need a finger swipe and here you come to the homepage.

Price: $4.99

Download Zephyr from BigBoss repository.

BiteSMS Cydia App For iPhone

This cydia app is going to bring a whole new experience into your messaging style, which means that now you can make messaging even more quick through BiteSMS. As this is one of the most expensive iPhone cydia app, thus it provides many facilities such as quick compose. auto forward, delivery report, simple smiley, templates, signature and much more. Using this app you can even send pictures through sms with super ease.

Price: $8.99

Download BiteSMS from iHack repository.

 IntelliscreenX Cydia App For iPhone


This is the most wanted,as well as one of the most expensive cydia tweak for improving your social life, as it takes your notification center to a higher level and makes reading extremely easy. Through intelliscreenX cydia app, you can send and receive mails, set up your face book and twitter pages, check your RSS feed and news reader etc. You can even know about the information system, control brightness and much more. Due to these incredible features it is quite expensive thus included in the list of top 5 most expensive iPhone cydia apps.

Price: $9.99

Download IntelliscreenX from BigBoss repository.

 PKGBackup Cydia App For iPhone

Backing up your jailbreak apps is something, because of which people hesitate to jailbreak their iPhone, but this is no more a problem as now PKGBackup cydia app helps you to restore all your spring board layouts, files and folders. In short it keeps all your jailbreak apps save and secure and therefore it is also one of the most expensive cydia app for iPhone in 2012.

Price: $9.99

 Download PKGBackup from BigBoss repository.

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