Top 10 Best Free iPhone 4S Games In 2012

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Games are one of those attractive iPhone apps for which everyone wants to use their iPhone, especially when it comes to free game apps than everyone wants to grab them before the other gets them. But due to limited memory space you cannot get all the free iPhone games into your phone, hence we bring just for you a list of top 10 best free iPhone 4S games in 2012. These iPhone apps, with the incredible iPhone 4S features, are really going to make your experience for games truly wonderful.

Coolest Free iPhone Apps For 2012

 10. SpongeBob Dinner Dash Free iPhone 4S App

we all know quite well than Sponge Bob is one of the most famous cartoon character and his game is also fabulous. In SpongeBob Dinner Dash we have to help him with his work in the restaurant. We have to help him in cooking, serving and satisfying his fish customers. For your good performance you will be given a chance to buy unique powers.

Download SpongeBob Dinner Dash Free iPhone App.

9. Traffic Panic London Free iPhone 4S App

How about controlling  the traffic of one of the busiest cities of the world? No we are not making you the traffic police but you are just playing the game on your iPhone 4S, in which you have to control the traffic of London and the most fascinating thing about this application is that you don’t have to maintain any traffic rule but have to cause as many accidents and explosions as you can, as you will be awarded for these mishaps.

Download Traffic Panic London Free iPhone 4S App.

8. Crime City Free iPhone 4S App


If you love fights, guns and secret missions than this app called Crime City is made for you, as this is full of fighting, action and drama that will keep you thrilled and amazed. You have to rob other players, using the massive weapons and have to make explosions on targeted areas. Moreover you van also build casinos, restaurants etc. you can even invite your friends and challenge them to beat you.

Download Crime City Free iPhone 4S App.

7. Logos Quiz Free iPhone 4S App

Time to check out your knowledge about various brands and their logos, through your iPhone 4S by playing this simple game called Logos Quiz. In this game you are given different clues to find out the name of the brand of whose logo the game is asking. No need to panic if you don’t know the answer because it provides you hints and also gives you a chance to ask your Facebook and twitter friends about it. You can compete your friends by sharing your scores with them.

Download Logo Quiz  Free iPhone 4S App.

6. Song Pop Free iPhone App

Music and games, both are everyones favorite and when it comes to the combination of the two than thats something spectacular. So this iPhone app is all about songs and challenges related to it. In this game you have to first listen to a clip and than have to recognize the song. You can also listen to the songs of your favorite artists and even send challenges to your friends to beat them through music.

Download Song Pop iPhone 4S App.

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5. CSR Racing Free iPhone 4S App

This iPhone 4S game app is a complement to the graphical features of your iPhone, thus improves your car racing experience. CSR Racing provides you licensed cars for the race and very thrilling challenges that boosts you to play the game with winning zeal. Furthermore the city where you race with other drivers will also company you if you will win the race.

Download CSR Racing Free iPhone 4S App.

4. Zombie HQ Free iPhone App

If you are a person interested in haunted places than check out the city that is full of zombies, through your iPhone 4S, by  getting Zombie HQ into your iPhone immediately. The game provides you  thrilling missions to finish these zombies, using latest weapons and techniques. Furthermore, tons of new characters are also fascinating and bonus rewards always compel you to play the best.

Download Zombie HQ Free iPhone 4S App 

 3. Big Win Baseball Free iPhone 4S App

If you are a baseball lover than this is something that you should not miss, as Big Win Baseball is the free iPhone app designed just for you. Here you can create your own team and open with Bronze, Silver Gold card pack to pick new players. Each level will fascinate you for the next one thus you will get encouraged to move on and on to the next level. In each level you can also earn coins according to your performance.

Download Big Win Baseball Free iPhone 4S App.

2. Arcane Shores Free iPhone 4S App.

Another amazing game is just waiting for you and that is Arcane Shore, which is also included in the list of top 10 best free iPhone 4S games. In this you have to help the people to build their island, through completing various challenges and discovering the unknown. You can even share your discoveries with your friends and can also see the ranking of  your island globally.

Download Arcane Shores Free iPhone 4S App.

1. Subway Surfers Free iPhone 4S App

On the top of the list of top 10 best free iPhone 4S games apps is Subway Surfers. This game keeps you engaged and thrilled with its flawless graphics and daring challenges. Subway Surfers is all about a naughty boy who has done something wrong and is therefore running away from the conductor, by passing safely from the obstacles such as trains, poles etc. You also have to collect as many coins as you can so that you can enjoy the powers to trick the conductor and his threatening dog. All this fun of the game is free and breathtaking.

Download Subway Surfers Free iPhone 4S App.

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  1. my fucking word! how much meth was your mother smoking before you were crapped into existence? big win baseball? I can see some merit in the first 7 but the last three could only be put up by someone who was PAID FOR THEIR OPINION!! or has had a brain for shit transplant.

  2. Hi, I would like to add an application that I really liked its name is Rock & Boulder, it has very good graphics, great music and the best is that it allows to use all ten fingers to play!!

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