Top 5 Best Free iPhone Apps For Fitness And Health In 2012

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Perfect figure and good health seem impossible nowadays because of busy and hectic routine, as no one has extra time to workout and visit clinics to look after their health. But now you don’t have bother if you don’t worry for these stuff because the tiny iDevice in your pocket is enough to care for all these matters of yours. This means by downloading some extraordinary iPhone apps you maintain your good, with no investment, as all of these fully free. Thus, this time we bring you top 5 best iPhone apps for fitness and health in 2012.   

iPhone Health And Fitness Apps

5. Body Fitness Free iPhone App

Exercise is the first step towards a healthy living so get Body Fitness Free into your iPhone than you will realize how easy and enjoying is exercise. This iPhone app tells you about more than 320 exercises for each of your specific site. It also has images and videos so that the user can clearly get what should be the body posture while doing a particular exercise. Moreover, the beautiful calender based interface makes it easy and interesting for the user to use this free iPhone app.

Download Body Fitness for Free.  

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4. T2 Mood Tracker Free iPhone App

Not only your physical health but your emotional conditions are also very important in order to maintain a good hygiene and therefore in the list of top 5 best Free iPhone apps for health and fitness in 2012, we have added T2 Mood Tracker iPhone app that is going track your current mood and than will also give you tips to improve it so that you feel mentally peaceful and healthy. On the bases of six pre-decided mental conditions, the app monitors your mood and than displays a graph of the obtained result. Using this app you can also detect the affect of medication on your mood.

Download T2 mood Tracker for free.  

3. Relax With Andrew Johnson Free iPhone App

Many seem dull and sluggish though they don’t suffer any physical disorder but are mentally ill. They usually don’t have time to relax or some do not know about those ways which provide mental relaxation, but now you can use your iPhone to get the solution of all of these problems by just downloading this app, called Relax With Andrew Johnson.

This free iPhone app teaches you the techniques to fight with mental disorders like depression,  pain control, insomnia, post traumatic stress disorder and many other stress symptoms. So just relax and chill by using this app.

Download Relax With Andrew Johnson for free.

2. Digifit iCardio Free iPhone App

Now in the list of top 5 best Free iPhone apps for health and fitness in 2012 comes Digifit iCardio free iPhone app, that is fully loaded with everything you want while doing exercise.

When you jog or run it measures and shows you the distance, speed and time. Furthermore it also shows you the result through stats, which you can even share with your friends through e-mail and discuss your progress with them. The also have an option of commentary on your current activity as compared with the previous exercises. In order to keep you energetic the app also plays for you your favorite music from iTunes.

Download Digifit iCardio for free

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1. DailyBurn Tracker Free iPhone App

The first in the list top 5 best Free iPhone apps for health and fitness in 2012 is DailyBurn Tracker, which is an all in one iPhone app that covers almost every single thing related to it. The app not only take cares of your exercise but also of the food you take in.

Using this app you can scan the barcodes of the food items and can get all the information of the nutrients present in it. Moreover, it also tells you about the calories in the food and the workout time you will be reading to burn them. It also provides you with diet charts and fitness plans so that you can carry on with a balance diet. For exercise, it gives you the option to set a target of loosing a particular mass, or working on the shape of muscles.

Download DailyBurn Tracker for free.

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7 Comments to Top 5 Best Free iPhone Apps For Fitness And Health In 2012

  1. Thanks! I’ll try them because I think I’m eating too much these days. Health could get ugly but hey, thanks for the list so I don’t have to search any more!

  2. David Hilditch

    I think it’s a shame you missed out the gamification apps like Fitocracy and Fleetly – the points, rewards and levels etc certainly help me keep going.

    Also, it’d be great to know which of these apps are available for Android as we have both Android and iPhones in my house.

    I made a list of dual-OS fitness apps here – it’s not complete yet but it’s quite good –

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