Leaked Next Generation iPhone Parts Show How iPhone 5 Might Look Like (IMAGES)

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iPhone 5 has got to be the most “rumoured product” of the year, rumours regarding the next generation iPhone are off the charts as on a daily basis we are barraged by rumours regarding this mythical product from Apple. Well to add fuel to the fire we have another news  and this time about the leaked parts of the product.

iPhone 5 parts have been leaked and a Chinese shop by the name of iLab has got its hands on these leaked parts and put all of these parts together to form what could be the real deal. The real iPhone 5.

As you can see from the both the pictures above and below, this looks very realistic. In fact so realistic that some people are calling this the real deal. We might in fact be looking at what Apple is going to launch after a couple of months. Launch of the iPhone 5!

Although confirming it as the real thing is a bit far off, one thing we can take seriously about this is that these images show what the iPhone 5 we expect is going to look like. 19-pin dock connector, 4 inch screen, a metal back, all things get the green light for this iPhone.

So what now?

Although it does match all previous rumours; just like with any other “leak or rumour” regarding an iPhone 5, we should take with a pinch of salt. As no one can claim they have the real iPhone 5.

By now we have had so many rumours and leaks that we have a pretty much idea on how iPhone 5 might look like. I don’t think many of us are going to be surprised when the real iPhone 5 gets launched.

What do you think?

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