Apple Is Shutting Down Siri Proxy Servers Ahead Of iPhone 5 Launch!

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Well this was surely expected. As soon as people learned how to install Siri on non-iPhone 4S devices, businesses popped up mentioning they could get Siri on your iPhone for a small fee and as you would have expected, these businesses flourished. But before they could expand any further; Apple intervened. As of today Apple is shutting down Siri proxy servers just when it is about to launch iPhone 5.

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Apple is going after those service which are providing proxy servers for Siri and one of these services is iEverythingApplewhich today mentioned Apple has sent a take down notice against them.

Apple is shutting down all siri proxy sites for good as they have decided to act against them and turn them all off, we were one of the servers that were asked to shut down our siri proxy as well and then you can keep your site online as long as all siri content and all siri proxy files and anything to do with siri has been deleted.

So if you had been using Siri proxy servers, well this is going to be definitely bad news as Apple is going to shut all these services now.

The timing of these shut downs is really interesting as we are expecting Apple to launch the next generation iPhone within some months with iOS 6. So getting some exclusive Siri features for iPhone 5 is a must for Apple, no wonder Apple started shutting down these services now even though they have existed for almost half an year.

What are your thoughts?

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3 Comments to Apple Is Shutting Down Siri Proxy Servers Ahead Of iPhone 5 Launch!

  1. vivek parashar

    apple is so hell bent on protecting if its something so extraordinary that it needs to be protected..well its just a voice command system..something nokia had in their phones for soo long.. the only difference is that they have interlaced it with many other apps..something which nokia did not do..

    apple should allow siri to be legitimately installed on iphone 3..3s..and 4.. this would boost their sales ever so much.. 🙂

  2. Siri works okay with older devices but the response time is slower bc it’s going thru a proxy and it works so people that have already bought an iPod 4th gen and up can get it! I think that apple wants the upgrade for ppl to buy the 4s and the new iPad also the iPad two will get it with the upgrade of the new IOS coming in months but I think it should be at the consumers discretion on the older device to slow down their iPhone or iPod even iPad 1 to get it at as a one time fee like these proxies getting ppl to pay that’s my two cents on it

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