Prototype Design Casting Of The New iPhone In Bangkok [images]

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As the date for the release of the next-gen iPhone is coming closer, each of the Apple fan is getting excited and also getting their pockets ready to own them. But the release date is a big secret to know, that is kept confidential by the Fruit company. Over the last few weeks, it has been widely reported that the new iPhone 5 will be launched during the month of October, exactly twelve months after the announcement of the iPhone 4S. But now it is being claimed that 12th of September is going to be the special day for the launch of the iPhone 5. Similarly, we have received many leaks about the looks and design of the new iPhone and here is one more.

Today, in a mail sources got their hands on something that is intensely wanted by people and that is the prototype finalized design casting of the iPhone 5 in Bangkok. Though it cannot be confirmed whether these images are legitimate or not, but they seem quite similar to the rumors that we received about the coming iPhone.

This first images shows that iPhone 5 is having a smaller 8-pin connector port, that will make the phone look aesthetic. Furthermore, it can  also be seen that the next-gen iPhone will be slightly more thinner, with re-positioned headphone jack and a few cosmetic tweaks.

Whereas this picture shows  that the unibody case of the phone appears to be redesigned to feature an aluminum shell. Moreover the back of the phone is the entire exterior one piece as compared to the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S that were having the glass backing.

lastly, this leaked image displays the front look of the new iPhone by Apple, especially highlighting its elongated design, which is said to be around 4 inches in height. Many reports have been pointing to the next iteration of the iPhone having a 4 inch screen size and from the pictures this is the first thing that becomes obvious.

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