In The Tech’s Biggest Trial Apple Calls Samsung A Copycat

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The flame of the fight of Apple vs. Samsung are blazing high and high, as both the parties are standing intact at their points and trying to prove themselves right and the other smart phone company guilty. Each day, a new evidence changes the direction of the case by bringing a more valid idea to the front. Recently, Apple is putting all its efforts to prove that Samsung is a copycat of their designs and innovations. Lets see the details of the evidences that Apple is putting forward to support its point.

In the previous news about Apple vs. Samsung trial, we told you about Apple’s claim against Samsung that ‘Apple’s trademark icons were copied by Samsung’ , In which Apple presented 6 photographs to prove their claim true.

This time Apple has turned the designers, outside the company to help them to prove their claim that Samsung has copied the designs of smart phones and tablets of Apple.  Peter Bressler — a former president of the Industrial Designers Society and the founder and board chair of product design firm Bresslergroup — said numerous Samsung designs infringed on Apple’s patented designs. He also added that the consumers could even get confused between the two, because of their similarity in design.

He said,

My opinion (is) that there are a number of Samsung phones and two Samsung tablets that are substantially the same as the design in those (Apple) patents. It’s my opinion that this phone, the design of this phone would be considered substantially the same when viewed by regular consumers.

Apple’s legal team introduced a similar comparison between the Galaxy Tab 10.1 LTE and Apple’s iPad design patent, with Bressler also pointing out several “alternative designs”: tablet computers on the market that feature designs that are clearly different from Apple’s device. Bressler brought another crucial evidence in the discussion that helped Apple to prove their claim. It was an internal Samsung sales research document, in which in was clearly indicated that many customers returned Galaxy Tab 10.1 devices, as they thought they have bought an iPad.

Punching back  Charles Verhoeven, from Samsung’s side, brought prior art to the cross-examination and said that these designs were also quite similar to the design of an iPhone. He further said that the iPhone 4S possessed a glass face that is not completely flush, while the Galaxy S 4G has a bezel that flares when viewed from the top or bottom of the phone. But Bressler resisted that such tiny details do not come into notice when the entire design seems alike.

The case is continued and thus there is much more coming ahead. Stay with us to keep yourself updated with tech’s biggest trial between Apple and Samsung.

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