Nano SIM Tray Confirms Nano SIM For The New iPhone 5 (IMAGES)

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The hotly rumored next generation iPhone 5 has probably had more rumors than any other smartphone in history, so keeping with the tradition we bring you another rumor this time from a french blog who claim they have got their hands on with a nano SIM tray that will be used in the new iPhone. Check out these images of the nano SIM tray that will be coming with the iPhone 5.

As you can see from these images of the nano SIM tray, it indeed does confirm what we have been hearing for quite sometime and that is whether iPhone 5 is going to get the nano SIM?

Well all previous reports have been pointing to a nano SIM for the iPhone 5 and it seems that we might in fact be getting the smaller SIM for the next generation iPhone, or simply the new iPhone.

These new images leaked out by a french blog show the size difference between a current SIM tray that is used in an iPhone 4S and the one that will be used in the iPhone 5.

It was also reported previously that carriers have got their hands on and are already testing these nano SIMs with their respective networks.

The other interesting feature that has been revealed is the new home button which as you can see from the picture below is different to the ones that is currently being used. Although we do not have concrete evidence whether we are getting a new home button or not but one thing is for sure Apple is planning big with the iPhone 5.

So folks it seems Apple will introduce iPhone 5 with a new SIM tray and a new home button if we are to believe according to this new report. But as you know with Apple rumors there are simply tons of them so take them lightly.

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