Hackers Make Apple Shut Down over-the-phone Password Resets For iCloud

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Apple itself has reported that for a short period of time it has suspended the practice of resetting the passwords of  AppleID  by the customers over the  phone. But the company is also providing an alternative option too, for the ease of its users. So lets check out the details of this password resting system.

The system that is provided by Apple to reset the password is the online iForgot system that works in two ways. Firstly it either sends the reset password to an alternate email address or asks the answer of the security question that has been previously set. As the Apple itself says,

We’ve temporarily suspended the ability to reset Apple ID passwords over the phone. We’re asking customers who need to reset their password to continue to use our online iForgot system (iforgot.apple.com).This system can reset a password in one of two ways – either have a password reset sent to an alternate email address already on record or challenge the customer to answer security questions they had previously set up. When we resume over-the-phone password resets, customers will be required to provide even stronger identify verification to reset their password.

Apple has taken this step to keep the data of its users even more protected from the hackers. As using the over-the-phone password reset of  Apple ID of the writer of Wired, his iCloud account was scratched and also his iPhone, iPad and MacBook Air was wiped. The hacker dismissed the security question that was presented to him Apple and rather moved on by providing the last four numbers of his credit card tied to the account.

Thus users should be careful with their digital security issues as their tiny carelessness can lead to their accounts being hacked.

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  1. i have forgotten my password of icloud account even dont know the security question alternat id. pls tell another way get my password back

  2. Someone please help,I bought a iphone 6 from eBay,but Icloud is locked can’t get past the password,can someone kindly help

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