Best Unlocking Method To Unlock iPhone 4 Baseband 4.11.08/4.12.01 On iOS 5.1.1!

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It has been quite sometime since we at Maypalo posted anything about the unlocking solution to our loyal readers, so not to keep our readers waiting for longer here we bring you something very special and that is an unlocking solution to iPhone 4 baseband 4.11.08/4.12.01 on iOS 5.1.1. So check out one of the best unlocking solutions to your problem!

Unlock iPhone 4 baseband 4.11.08/4.12.01 iOS 5.1.1


So it seems there are still many people who are locked to the infamous baseband 4.11.08/4.12.01 which has been plaguing the iPhone users for a very long time. If I recall correctly, it has been about a year since iOS 5 was launched bringing with it the baseband 4.11.08 and locking many iPhone’s.

Well folks why don’t we just get over with it, right? So here we bring you an amazing unlocking solution to your problem and is factory unlocking your iPhone! Yes folks not just a regular unlock but a factory one!

Why Chose Factory Unlock Or Normal Unlock?

This question has been asked a number of times, why chose a factory unlock over a normal unlock. Factory unlocks are usually expensive compared to normal unlocks, so why spend more on it?

Well the answer to this is quite simple and that is factory unlocks at the end are cheaper! Wait. Did I just say they are cheaper compared to normal unlocks which is going against what I said before. Well yes and yes. Factory unlocks are cheaper and here is how:

unlock iPhone 4.11.08

When you buy a “normal unlock” they cost somewhere between of $20-$60. Cheaper, yes, but it is unlocks a specific firmware/baseband. So what it means is that when you accidentally update your iPhone (like users did with ios 5) they get locked and you have to spend many months waiting for an unlock to come out (in baseband 4.11.08 case around 8 months in the form of SAM unlock).

When you update the firmware, iPhone gets locked. You buy another unlock. Firmware update comes up. You update it, iPhone gets locked again.

Are you getting it?

In the end a factory unlock becomes cheaper than normal unlocks as you only have to pay once for the whole iPhone lifetime.

Best Factory Unlock iPhone 4 baseband 4.11.08/4.12.01.

You think about buying an iPhone factory unlock but the questions comes up which one unlocking service to chose when there are so many out there, especially so many scammers roaming around the web.

Well that’s where we come in to help you select the best unlocking solution to unlock iPhone 4 baseband 4.11.08/4.12.01 on iOS 5.1.1 OR any other firmware/baseband on any iPhone.

We have tested out many unlocking services here at Maypalo and it gets hard to chose a good one. But there is one  and it’s called

You might have already heard about this unlocking service as it was previously mentioned before on So why is it one of the best at factory unlocking your iPhone? Well here is why:

  • This is by far one of the cheapest and legitimate unlocking service.
  • Factory unlocks start from as low as £19.99.
  • One of the fastest unlock services, you get your iPhone unlocked as soon as 6 hours! (depending on the network).
  • Out of all the plus points the one thing that I think outshines any other is the number of networks they unlock. You know how many? Here is the complete list:

Country   Network

USA              Sprint
USA              ATT     
UK                 O2
UK                 Orange
UK                 T-Mobile
Uk                  Three
UK                 Vodafone                          
Australia    Optus                        
Australia    Telstra                        
Australia    Three
Australia    Virgin                            
Australia    Vodafone                    
Austria        Orange                    
Brazil           Claro                    
Brazil           Oi                        
Brazil           Tim                        
Brazil          Vivo                        
Canada       Bell                        
Canada       Fido                        
Canada       Rogers                    
Canada       Telus                        
Denmark   3                            
Denmark    Telenor                    
Denmark    Telia                            
Finland       Sonera                            
France        Bouygues                            
France        FranceTelecom                            
France        Orange                
France        SFR                            
Ireland       O2                        
Ireland       Three                            
Ireland       Vodafone                    
Japan          Softbank                    
Korea          KT                                    
Netherlands    T-Mobile                        
Netherlands    Vodafone                        
Norway    Netcom                    
Norway    Telenor                    
Poland      Orange                                
Portugal   Vodafone                
Spain         Orange                                    
Spain         Telefonica/Movistar                                
Spain         Vodafone                    
Sweden     Tele2                        
Sweden     Telia                        
Sweden     Three                                
Switzerland    Orange                            
Switzerland    Sunrise                        
Switzerland    Swisscom       

Factory Unlock iPhone Now!

If you have directly skipped to this portion, I seriously advise you to read it from the start as it tells you why you should factory unlock an iPhone. Those of you who have read it from the start till now will definitely be ready to click that factory unlock button below.

As this post has been titled as “unlock iPhone 4 baseband 4.11.08/4.12.01 on iOS 5.1.1″, it is not only for those users who qualify this criteria. This unlock is for everyone who wants to factory unlock their iPhone. No firmware restrictions, no iPhone restrictions. Simply click the button below to be directed towards the factory unlocking service.


So that is it folks, if you had been looking for one of the best solutions to factory unlock your iPhone you have the answer above. Obviously getting a free unlock wouldn’t hurt but until then this is your option.

So stay tuned to Maypalo as we have got more interesting stuff coming your way. You do not want to miss out!

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33 Comments to Best Unlocking Method To Unlock iPhone 4 Baseband 4.11.08/4.12.01 On iOS 5.1.1!

  1. I already order from this website almost 1 week ago and they dont respond me for email and dont say nothing.

    I payed 19pounds for the Vodafone Portugal unlock and immediatly e received a email saying “maybe the unlock price is more than 19pounds” ..

    • Luis Fernando

      This no longer gives me security to make the purchase. We have some more positive or negative statement?

  2. I have to say I am still waiting fo my unlock after almost 2 weeks………………………………………

  3. Does anyone know a trusted company/person that unlock iPhone from Philippines (Carrier: Globe Telecom)?

  4. vivek parashar

    they were supposed to give a free unlock to me because i won the giveaway contest on maypalo, but i still have NOT got the unlock.. they are saying that they are unable to unlock due to a sudden surge in their sales.. its been 2+ weeks..

  5. Softbank, Japan is not available. I have been following them from the beginning. They don’t respond the mails you send them, otherwise seems to be genuine though!

  6. DO NOT USE ‘’.

    As I am aware, 6mths on and those many people who tried the service for iphone 4.11.08 are still waiting for an unlock. And they have not given a single refund to any customers.



  7. guys the easy way is to go to repairing shop and tell them to factory unlock your iphone.although they charge a little bit more price,you will be able to get away from any tension to loose your money to unlock your iphone.

  8. I’m realy sorry for this site. Before contract it says the price is £ 19 after send a txt we will send full price after …. .
    You say for 6 houres. ? Its a week and if you want support this is all you get :
    “Due to the scale of our business (We unlock 5000+ IMEI per day), please do not email, live chat, or telephone asking for the status of your unlock as this information is given above – this is the ONLY information we have. We cannot give you information which we do not have, and our staff will not have any further information than what is provided on this page.
    Timeframes are an average, sometimes there are delays (e.g. carriers upgrading their systems) which can cause delays of a few days or a week, everything is given here however. You will also be emailed whenever the status changes by our automated server.”

  9. hey farhan, why are you recommending this unlock site anyway?
    negative complaints are far greater than positive.. omg!

  10. It’s a scam! The site needs to remove imei lookup. After paying them they tell me that when the carrier is not listed they cannot unlock!

  11. I pre order unlock iphone 4 16gb Vodaphone-Span paid US#30$ then the site tell me need pay more about USD 120 ( #100 pounds )for complete order ! Super expensive task ! In the US whole iphone4 16gb Factory unlock around US 250…I lost my money for pre order .
    If you have iPhone 4 ATT need factory unlock just go to eBay with price less than US 20 with Buyer Protection from Pay Pal ,never lost your money by scam sellers . Don’t forget my experence this time !

  12. I have been waiting for last 6 weeks for the unlock. They don’t respond to emails. I was on phone for 25 mins but no one picked the phone.
    They are offline on Live chat and as soon as I ping them if they are online they will go offline.

  13. Guys don’t waste ur ur money to
    Because it is a scam one. I already paid but they r saying something else now.

    • There are lot of methods available to unlock iphone4.But i preferred remote unlocking service. This is the best and safe method to unlock iphone4.I have unlocked my iphone4 from this site . I got remote unlocking service from this site and unlock my iphone4 easily. This is the best and simple method to unlock any iphone4

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