Apple Becomes World’s Most Valuable Company In The History Of Trading!

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Wow! I mean simply WOW. Apple was already the world’s most valuable company but today was something different. Apple has become the world’s most valuable company in the history of trading! Yes folks that is History with a capital H.

Only like a day or two ago Apple crossed it’s previous all time high share per price but today it even crossed that making Apple, in the history of trading, the most valuable company.

Apple has now a market capitalization of $620.50 billion breaking the previous record that was held by Microsoft back in 1999 with market capital of $618.89.

Although we should note here that if we include the inflation rate; Microsoft’s market capitalization would have been around $842.5 billion, much higher than the Apple’s market cap.

Well no matter what, you have to give Apple a huge credit for taking the position of the most valuable company in the history.

According to Analysts Apple is likely to hit the trillion dollar mark by mid next year. Also iPhone 5 is expected to give a huge boost to Apple’s market cap as according to a recent survey a huge portion of smartphone owners are waiting to buy the iPhone 5.  More sales equals higher market cap, so a trillion dollar valuation might be a reality.

Well what do you think?

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  1. Yes, maybe. But the iPhone needs to come to t-mobile first! I will be very very disappointed if it doesn’t.

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