Buy An iPhone 5 Mock-Up For As Low As $5!

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As the day of release of the new iPhone is coming closer, the level of excitement among the Apple lovers is getting up to the extreme. As per the recently popped rumor, Apple is going to bring around 8 new products to the market by the end of this year, thus it can be expected that iPhone 5 will not be the only release in the month of September, but it can be accompanied by another dazzling product of Apple. This can be an additional surprise for the desperate people. But everyone wants the real surprise in the new iPhone itself, with something utterly new, lavishing and unexpected, that will blow up the minds of the people.

When observing the number of leaked parts and rumors about the next-gen iPhone, we sometimes feel that we know more about iPhone 5 than Apple itself. Previously we were receiving leaks about the individual parts of the new iPhone but now as we are heading toward the day of the launch of the new iPhone, we are getting the completely assembled iPhone 5 mock ups. These fake iPhones are mostly coming from China and are now floating everywhere.

It has been reported that these mock-ups are especially created for the case-making companies, so that they can now start the mass production of the cases. These fake iPhones are available on the Chinese site Taobao and the price is varying from 33 Chinese yuan to approximately 200 yuan, which in a more familiar currency ranges from between $5 USD to $32. This is really no price in front of the iPhone 5. Those of you who really can’t wait for the new iPhone can move for this new mock-up, but we will suggest them to wait a bit more for the real iPhone 5, as it is worth waiting and is loaded with unlimited surprises.

Would you go for this mock-up?

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