Get Your AT&T iPhone 4/4S Factory Unlocked For Free!

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You read the title right. You can get your AT&T iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S factory unlocked for free! No this is not a joke, you can actually get your locked AT&T iPhone unlocked for free by simply asking them! Well read ahead for details.

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AT&T Unlock iPhone For Free

There was recently a lot of buzz that AT&T had started unlocking in-contract iPhone’s for free, it seemed to good to be true when it was especially coming from AT&T itself, which in the past has been quite harsh when compared to unlocking AT&T iPhones.

I thought it was just another rare case when AT&T gets forced to unlock a specific iPhone. Remember Tim Cook asking AT&T to unlock iPhone?

Well as it turns out AT&T is in fact unlocking quite a large number of in-contract iPhones. I have been talking to a few people who managed to get their iPhone unlocked by simply asking AT&T to do so. And, they did get their iPhone unlocked!

How To Get iPhone Unlocked For Free

Now the first question in your mind will be “So what exactly do I have to do to get my iPhone unlocked?“. Well the answer is quite simple.

All you have to do to get your iPhone unlocked is to simply fill out this form. You will be asked a few things such as your IMEI number, name, email address and from where you bought the iPhone.

I highly suggest you give it a try. Even though you might not get the unlock but it is still worth a try considering how expensive these factory unlocks are.

So if you give it a try and get your iPhone unlocked for free from AT&T, then do comment below to let others know about your experience.

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28 Comments to Get Your AT&T iPhone 4/4S Factory Unlocked For Free!

  1. They still aren’t making it easy. If you choose current or previous customer, you have to provide an AT&T phone number, and the last 4 digits of your social security number. If you choose non customer, then you have to choose from three purchase locations. The choices are Apple Store, AT&T Store, and AT&T Authorized Retailer. No option for eBay, or GameStop, or even “other”. If you go ahead and choose one of those stores, they give you a fax number and tell you that you need to fax them a receipt for your purchase. So they’re still going to make you jump through hoops just to get your damn iPhone unlocked.

  2. I wanna get my iPhone unlocked please help me….
    imei: 012429006361940
    some one please help me, I’m from Ghana….
    I need help…

  3. i want to unlock my iPhone with SAM, when i was in process,”attempt activation” was not Done, if i do that notice appears and say,”Activation Rejected… you must select the orginal carrier SIMID of your phone”. Now the Problem is, how to get orginal carrier SIMID?? i have lost my at&t sim which came with my iPhone, if anybody know then answer me.

    IMEI: 012339008978551

  4. i got my iphone4s from japan and im here now in the phlippines. i dont know what will im doing to be unlocked my iphone4s. will you please help me regarding this? i want my iphone 4 to be factory unlocked. thanks

  5. Daniel Dorilas

    For those who would like to factory unlock their iPhone, check this website

  6. My phone was locked and i unlocked it with solar mecano within 2 days my phone was working and completely unlock

  7. i did everything that att asked and in the end I was sent an email that said I was still under contract therefore my phone could not be unlocked. Not the iphone 4 I had or the old iphone 3gs that I wasn’t using any longer.

  8. when filling out the application to unlock my iphone4, am I supposed to put the owners original first and last name? This phone is a handme down from a friend.

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