The Nano SIM Card Cutter For iPhone 5 Is Here!

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After knowing that iPhone 5 will only be accepting a nano SIM card, everyone is rushing to cut their SIM into nano size but how to do this?. No need to panic, as we have brought you one of the first nano SIN card cutter,  so that you can easily transform your SIM card into a nano one. here are the details.

The site yoyobase claims to have one of the first SIM cutter for iPhone 5 and it is said that it can cut any GSM SIM card, which means it should handle both Micro SIM cards, and regular SIM cards as well. Although, one thing that seems to be quite confusing is that the nano SIM card is said to be 15% thinner than the normal SIM card, so how this machine is going to slice into a thinner one.

However, the good news is that in the photo above the nano SIM card produced by the cutter seem to be thinner enough to be injected into the new iPhone 5. Furthermore, this nano SIM card cutter is not really cheap, as it costs $23.99 per piece but it is also providing you a range of discounts on purchasing in bulk.

So what do you think is this nano SIM card cutter useful or not?

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