Steve Jobs Widow Became The Richest Women In Silicon Valley & 28 Richest In The World!

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No wonder, Steve Jobs‘ great innovations to the technology brought to the top, in terms of money as well as fame. But this richness did not vanish with him. Now his wife holds on to the wealth that was brought by Steve Jobs and is therefore included in the list of the richest people in the world today. She now currently holds the title of being the richest woman in the famous Silicon Valley.

As per the investigation that Forbes made, the widow is enjoying the fortune that his husband brought to her, in the form of huge wealth. Thus this richness has made her the richest woman of Silicon Valley and the 28th richest person in the world.

If we get into a bit of her history, then we can see that she was a Stanford business school student when she met her husband. Powell once started a natural foods company and was also an investor in SocialCam, a mobile video-sharing startup, that was bought by Autodesk for $60 million in July.

Furthermore, she also founded 2 nonprofits: College Track, that was especially designed for underserved students, in order to ensure admittance to and graduation from college , and the Emerson Collective, which is working with entrepreneurs on immigration reform, social justice and conservation. She was also recently appointed to Stanford’s board of trustees.

But the real thing in her life that took her to such a height was her creative and innovative husband Steve Jobs.

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