You Can Buy An iPhone 5 From Your Local Apple Store Today! But Is It Worth It?

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Today is the day you are going to get yourself an iPhone 5! If you had been one of those who just couldn’t wait to get an iPhone 5 in your hands well folks, it is 21 September today and you know what that means, right? You can buy an iPhone 5 today, but it might not be a great idea to got out now.

People waiting in line outside an Apple store for iPhone 5

Buy iPhone 5 From Apple Store

Apple unveiled iPhone 5 to the world on 12 September, the reaction to it was a mixture of excitement and anger. On one side Apple fanboys were very excited to see a large 4″ screen from Apple with 4G LTE but on the other hand people were disappointed that Apple just brought a new iPhone with a big screen keeping everything else the same.

Well that is an argument for another time.

Today worldwide, Apple stores and resellers are going to open doors to all those who are going to buy iPhone 5.  So if you want an iPhone 5 go to your local Apple store to get one, but mind you will have to wait in a long queue that seems endless.

The Wait For iPhone 5

So you have finally decided to buy an iPhone 5. You are about to head out to the local Apple store only to see a huge crowd that has amassed outside. It’s like zombies crawling for their food.

Oh, Apple why are you so attractive?

Apple might be the only company in the world whose products are so sought after that people wait days before the launch date. Every iPhone launch date in the past has a long waiting lines, so the iPhone 5 is no exception. The waiting line for the iPhone 5 today is just ridiculous.

Thousands upon thousands around the world are waiting in line today for the iPhone 5.  So you’re going today at the Apple store wouldn’t be such a great idea. By the time you now head over to the Apple store, the line in front of you might seem endless.

Unless you are this girl who might just be the first person in the world to get the iPhone 5!

If you live in Hong Kong, Singapore or any other Asian countries which are currently offering iPhone 5’s, you might just head out as people have already got their hands on iPhone 5, or maybe more then one.

People in European countries are at the moment inside Apple stores buying iPhone 5’s or talking to an Apple genius regarding setting up the iPhone or any other questions most of you will have in mind.

If you live in U.S or Canada, people are still waiting in line outside the stores. If you happen to be in New York and are waiting outside an Apple store, Oh boy the waiting line is just never-ending.

Got An iPhone 5?

So you finally managed to get an iPhone 5 in your hands after waiting for so many hours or maybe days (some people waited 8 days outside Apple stores).  So now what? You got what you wanted, right?

iPhone 5 ships with iOS 6, that means you get many new cool features but on the other hand you get something you did not want. I’m talking about the new maps in iOS 6.

Apple ditched Google Maps in favour of its Open Maps. If you have tried out the new Maps App in iOS 6, you would be pretty disappointed. It is something most of us do not expect Apple to do. But do not worry as Google is planning to launch its own maps app for iOS 6 so you are good to go. But don’t expect it to come out soon, until then you are stuck with something that most of us won’t use.

Besides some minor problems in iOS 6, the rest is pretty good. Apple introduced over 200 new features in iOS 6, which is really amazing, if you compare to iOS 5 features.

iPhone 5 Worth The Money?

You know something about Apple products, that is common in every Apple product? It is the price. Every Apple product is just ridiculously expensive and iPhone 5 is no exception.

My precious

If you are looking for scoring an iPhone 5 which is unlocked, well dig deep into your pockets, as iPhone 5 is pretty darn expensive. For the price of an iPhone 5 you can get pretty much the best or most powerful smartphone with more and better features than an iPhone 5.

So are you going to buy an iPhone 5?

Well no matter which Android smartphone or Windows Phone you are going to get yourself, if you don’t have an iPhone you don’t have an iPhone (Fanboy logic).

Preliminary tests done on the iPhone 5 show that it pretty much beats every Android device out there, including Samsung’s flagship device, Samsung Galaxy S3.

The question here is whether to buy an iPhone 5 if you already own an iPhone. If you want to experience an Apple product for the first time then I highly suggest you get the iPhone 5, if you are an iPhone 4 or below user, iPhone 5 is a great upgrade. But, iPhone 4S user? Well it is a bit hard to decide considering the only major feature you will see, is the large screen. If you are a fan of large screens there are Android devices out there which are pretty humongous.

So what is your final thought? Going to buy an iPhone 5 or not?

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8 Comments to You Can Buy An iPhone 5 From Your Local Apple Store Today! But Is It Worth It?

  1. I think you started promoting Samsung…it’s not about worth it or not its about the quality and trust that apple giving since decades. now your blog seems to be more immature as you were among those bloggers who were waiting for Iphone 5 anxiously and now all of a sudden you started writing against iphone 5.


    Ios 6 maps realie disappointd me. Its so ridiculous, cnt even get the propr destinatn locatn n search result, eagerly waitng for google to release deir own maps in appstores.

  3. I got the iPhone 5 yesterday at BestBuy through their preorder system and must say I’m not disappointed at all; in fact I’m loving it. Thus far I havent noticed anything wrong with the maps but I dont tend to use them that often. This phone is the fastest out there and its high quality. I can fly between different apps and get everything done in just seconds. I do a lot of business through my phone and it is a great tool. Siri is amazing, the talk to text works outstandingly well, and the phone is faster than ever. I love it.

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