iPhone 5 Is Officially The Most Powerful smartphone In The World!

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All over the web you will find unlimited comparisons of iPhone 5 with all the leading phones of the best mobile companies, which majorly include Samsung Galaxy S III and Nokia Lumia 920. Also, recently a drop test was conducted to check the reliability of iPhone 5 vs. Samsung Galaxy S III and guess what iPhone 5 won the test, as it is the strongest phone up til now and can bear much more falls when compared with other top phones. But people are still not satisfied and therefore a blog conducted another experiment to check the everyday performance of the phone. Here are the details.


As every phone’s analyses, this also started with the CPU. The Geekbench reports showed a bit varying results depending on conditions, as the tests displayed the A6 processor in the device idling at 800MHz with that clock speed rising to 1.2GHz when under duress. Thus in this way, the load that the CPU was experiencing was actually applied by an app being downloaded in the background when the tests were going on. So we can conclude that this test disproved the assumption that the dual-core A6 processor ran at a consistent 1GHz clock speed.



Now if we talk about the SunSpider reports then iPhone 5 still proved to be the best, with its breathtaking speed. The best way to encounter this speed is the Safari browser, which works with the tremendous speed of light and the best part is to compare iPhone 4S and the new iPhone 5, when operating Safari, as the difference is really very vivid. Furthermore, in the BrowserMark test, iPhone 5 is holding the first position with a score of 191726 compared to the Galaxy’s 172237.




One thing that Apple always does is that it brings something that is best than the best of the market. This simply means that before the launch of iPhone 5 Samsung Galaxy S III was enjoying a top position in the market but as iPhone5 hit the stores, nothing could withstand it and it again ruled the market. Apple’s statements that 2X processor performance increase over the iPhone 4S are pretty accurate because new A6 in the phone has a similar performance as that of iPad 3.

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