Factory Unlock iPhone 5 For Free! (Give-Away)

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Apple unveiled iPhone 5 to the world on 12 September bringing down the tons of rumors with it. iPhone 5 to some seemed a major improvement from the iPhone 4S but on the other hand to some it seemed a bit disappointed. Well iPhone 5 features some great enhancements over its predecessor whether you agree or not. There is one thing that might put you off from buying the iPhone 5 and that is using it on every carrier. Well folks, we have got a great news for you. We are going to factory unlock 10 iPhone 5’s for free!

If you have been following for Maypalo quite some time you would know that we have given away a very large number of factory unlocks for iPhone for free. We are back again at giving away factory unlocks for our loyal readers and this time it is for those who have recently got iPhone 5.

Factory Unlock iPhone 5 Free

You can buy an iPhone 5 on a contract based but that leaves you out of changing your carrier. You can’t switch to another network or go to another country and use the new nano SIM for the iPhone 5. What you can do is buy a factory unlocked iPhone 5 but that will be very expensive as a factory unlocked iPhone 5 will dig deep in your pockets.

So why not purchase a contract iPhone 5 and get it factory unlocked for free! That sounds good, right? Well it definitely does. As we are going to give-away 10 factory unlocks for the iPhone 5.

Unlock iPhone 5

To make sure most of our readers get a chance to win this factory unlock, we are going to make it as fair as possible. We have decided that we are going to pick 10 lucky winners and the selection would be done randomly (not biased).

Who can participate?

The following people can participate in the unlock:

Those who currently own iPhone 5

Those of you who have pre-ordered an iPhone 5 but have not received.

Those of you who are going to buy an iPhone 5. If you haven’t already bought it you can still participate and if you win you can simply buy a contract iPhone 5 and we will unlock it for free.

As most of our loyal readers use iPhone 4/4S, we have decided that you guys should get a chance to unlock your iPhone 4/4S. Yes we are also going to select those of you who have an iPhone 4S/4.

How To Participate In The iPhone 5 Unlock

To participate in this unlock, simply follow the procedure below.

STEP 1Like Maypalo’s Facebook fan page.

STEP 2Follow Maypalo on Twitter.

STEP 3Add Maypalo to your Google+ circles (if you don’t have an account, make one it only takes a minute!)

STEP 4: Tweet this link and share this post on Facebook.

STEP 5: To make sure you meet all the requirments simply comment below with a link to your Twitter account, Facebook profile, and Google+. So we can verify that you have done all that required,

Note: This factory unlock is only for those locked to AT&T.

The winners will be announced on 1 October 2012, on our Facebook page and as well as on Maypalo.com

The sponsors for this unlock are UnlockAttiPhone5.com, they factory unlock iPhone 5 for a very reasonable and a great price, so make sure you check them out.

So folks go ahead and get your iPhone 5 or any other iPhone factory unlocked for free by participating in this give-away! Good Luck

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  1. Any one knows factory unlock solution for, details regarding to unlock my iphone which is locked to KDDI Japan, here is my iphone details

    Iphone 4s 64 GB White
    Version: 5.1 (9B179)
    Carrier: KDDI 12.2
    Model: MD262J
    Serial: C39GLBSADTDW
    IMEI: 990000871824472
    Modem Firmware: 2.0.10

  2. lorraine bivens

    hi would to love to win something like a iphone 5 for free please help me to win it

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