5 Million iPhone 5 Units Sold While 100 Million Have Upgraded To iOS 6 In The First Weekend: Apple

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iPhone 5 has again upped the notch regarding the competition in the market of smartphones. The first iPhone 5 sales weekend is over sales. All around the world, people were giving there own point of views regarding the first weekend sale of iPhone 5 and finally the result is out. The result has surely blew everyone’s mind.What was so interesting in these results, all updates are here:

After seeing, long queues on the Apple stores, it was quite obvious that the sales of iPhone 5 would be extremely positive. Apple has announced in California that the had earn a massive positive response with a bonus of 5Million from following the release on Friday September 21st. This news has shook up the entire market of smartphones.

On 12 September iPhone 5 was officially released by Apple in nine different territories, including the United States, Germany, Hong Kong, France, Canada and the United Kingdom and these places had highly benefited the company.Apple is now planning to launch the iPhone 5 in additional twenty-two countries, on September 28th with that total turn of the year exceeding by one hundred. This shows the high demands of buyers across the borders, keeping Apple very busy these days. the pre-orders will be sale in the mid of October.

Apple also announced  that over 100 million iOS devices have already upgraded to the newly released iOS 6. The CEO of Apple Tim Cook, revealed at the iPhone 5 launch event that, by the June this year, there are over 400 million iOS devices out in the world. That means a staggering 25% of iOS users have upgraded to the latest version of iOS barely 5 days after its release.

If you are getting a bit confused with all this information, here is a simple way to illustrate the above details. iPhone 4 sold 1.7 million units in first three days, while iPhone 4S made a total number of 4 million and here comes the iPhone 5 with a total amount of 5 million, a great victory.

CEO of Apple Tim Cook has stated on their glorious victory:

“demand for the iPhone 5 has been incredible” and that the company is “working hard to get an iPhone 5 into the hands of every customer who wants one as quickly as possible

For all those users who haven’t bought there iPhone 5 they can pre-order it now from the Apples online store. iPhone 5 sales should receive a further boost when the phone goes on sale in another 22 countries this Friday.

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8 Comments to 5 Million iPhone 5 Units Sold While 100 Million Have Upgraded To iOS 6 In The First Weekend: Apple

  1. yes, it’s amazing that apple had sale million of iphone.. but how about the user of iphone 4 baseband 04.11.08.. it’s been a long long time since we stuck in this baseband.. we want a solution for this!!I hope apple company will make a move and solution for this problem!!

    • Yes you’ve got the point that apple company must reward to all users of iphone4 the unlock of baseband 4.11.08 and 4.12.01 on any IOS. since the sale of the new one is already top any phones maker in the world. I hope CEO Timm Cook consider this as a reward to all those iphone4 users.

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