AT&T iPhone 5’s Can Simply Be Unlocked By Restoring?

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Now this is something many of us would not have expected. AT&T is unlocking iPhone 5’s for apparently no reason? This sounds too good to be true but it seems it might just be unlocking iPhone 5 right away without you doing anything, except just restoring it. More details below.

Romain Dillet over at Techcrunch reports that he managed to unlock a full price AT&T iPhone 5 by simply restoring it. Normally to get your iPhone unlocked from AT&T you would have to fill out an email and send them a fax and do all other annoying things, but this time AT&T might be making it easier to get your iPhone 5 unlocked.

We have confirmed the process with AT&T’s technical support and successfully tried it with a T-Mobile SIM card. After restoring the device in iTunes, the user is prompted with the usual unlocking message: “Congratulations, your iPhone has been unlocked.”

If this is true, which it seems that it might. This would definitely be good news for those AT&T users who bought an iPhone 5 without any contract, meaning by simply paying the full price.

Although it is not as good as Verizon’s iPhone 5. Which basically is an unlocked iPhone 5 right out of the box, no wonder many, including us are recommending users to buy an iPhone 5 from Verizon. 

Do note one thing that getting your iPhone 5 unlocked by simply restoring via iTunes (if it’s true) is only for those AT&T iPhone 5 models which have paid the full price, i.e the $649 starting price of an unlocked iPhone 5 (Currently no carrier is directly selling unlocked iPhone 5’s in United States).

It does make sense as it becomes quite efficient for getting your iPhone 5 unlocked by restoring via iTunes, normally you would have to fax them and wait around 5-7 days.

Well what do you think?

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