Everything You Need To Know About Apple’s iMac Fusion Drive

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Apple’s iPad Mini event is over, and boy did they launch a bunch of new products. During the keynote Apple unveiled the iPad mini, a 13 inch Macbook Pro, iPad 4th generation and a new iMac which is ridiculously thin. There has been a lot of interest in one new feature of the iMac and that is the Fusion Drive. Apple unveiled a new feature called the Fusion Drive for the iMac. Check out the details below.

Apple fusion Drive

Apple Fusion Drive

The new iMac is ridiculously 5 mm thin features. This new piece of technology is called the Apple Fusion Drive or simply the Fusion Drive. It’s a hybrid of flash storage and Hard Disk Drive (HDD).

What makes this Apple Fusion Drive so specially is, it has the ability to use flash storage and HDD at the same time using clever piece of technology. Apple’s Fusion Drive will have 12 8 GB flash storage and 1TB or 3TB HDD both of which are fused together to form one single piece.

Flash storage which boosts performance gets combined with the HDD is pretty much used for storing large files, documents, movies, etc. What Fusion Drive does is; it stores all the core applications, the ones which you frequently use on the flash storage, which further increases performance. On the other hand Fusion Drive stores the files which you do not use that frequently on HDD.

iMac fusion drive

The real clever piece of technology which Apple fusion drive offers is the ability to move files between flash storage and HDD. Let’s say you frequently use a specific document which is stored on HDD, the software is able to recognize that file and move it to flash storage thus increasing the overall performance up to 3 times faster.

Although Apple branding it as “Fusion Drive” does not make this piece of technology entirely new. This hybrid storage system has existed for quite a long time, but as you know with Apple, once it brands it, it gets famous.

What do you think of the Apple fusion drive?

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