Is iPad Mini Over Priced? May Be Not!

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iPad mini is finally out, and sites are dissecting each bit of it, so that they could get to know about all of the amazing features, with which the device has been loaded. And up til now everything seems to be quite appealing to all. But when it comes to price of the small iPad, everyone does not seem to be happy and the question coming to every mind is whether  iPad mini is over priced?’ may be not. If you don’t agree with me then keep on reading  so that you could see what we are looking for.

iPad Mini Is Not Over Priced

The first reason is the brand mark, which simply means that Apple is perceived as a premium brand. Thus it’s very powerful in the world market whether it’s the emerging market of Asia or the market of an established region like North America. Apple is seen as a maker of premium goods, and they emphasized that amply with this iPad too.

Apple is at the top because it deserves to be. This is because the fruit company is known for introducing making great products in the market. Thus it is quite obvious that iPad mini will be a tough competition to its competitors instead of being higher in price. Furthermore, even in the event, the features of the iPad mini such as  usability, design and quality of experience, were compared with other tablets. And this was done to show that higher price of the device means better features then the low price ones.

This could be better understood by the explanation that the company gave itself that the iPad displays approximately 49 percent more content when viewing web pages horizontally than the Nexus 7, and at $329 it’s around 49 percent more expensive than the Nexus 7.

Another important reason to ponder is that Apple is a hardware company and its first concern is the hardware. While it’s not the same case with other companies like Google and Amazon. Thus the product that Apple launches should be profitable for the company. And not just profitable, but within their acceptable range of what defines profitability, which means significant gross margins made on every device. Otherwise, it’s not worth Apple’s time to make that product, and it won’t be made.

I hope you would also have understood why we are not calling the iPad mini over priced. Because those who find it too expensive are either forgetting the past or forgetting what kind of company Apple is. What do you think?

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