The Unexpected Upgrade: All Details Regarding Apple’s iPad 4

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Apple’s iPad Mini media event has gone by and one thing most of us are definitely surprised about is the next generation iPad. The iPad 4. If you are confused on what I’am talking about, well folks Apple unveiled the next generation iPad. Here are the details on Apple’s iPad 4.

Apple’s iPad 4

Most of us were expecting Apple’s main focus would be on the iPad Mini, not on another next generation iPad. Although the focus was on the iPad mini but some of us were shocked when SVP Phil Schiller was on stage and announced iPad 4. Yes, that is the next generation iPad, which certainly is an upgrade from the iPad 3 but an upgrade worth spending money on? Well you be the judge on that.

iPad 4 Specifications

As most of us did not predict another iPad on the way but some of us were expecting a slightly modified iPad 3, which might fits this category. Apple’s iPad 4 is a moderate upgrade from the current (maybe not?) new iPad or the iPad 3.

iPad 4 packs in the new and more powerful A6X processor which according to Apple is twice as fast as the iPad 3. It also delivers twice the graphics performance compared to the previous model without scarifying the battery life. It offers the same battery life that is the standard Apple-y 10 hours.

iPad 4 also features an HD 720p front facing camera, which will surely be a welcome to those of you who really needed a better front facing camera compared to the VGA of the iPad 3.

Apple iPad 4 Price & Availability

So you have decided to buy an iPad 4 and now wondering when you can get your hands on this new shiny product from Apple. Well folks, iPad 4 pre-orders will start this coming Friday the 26 October. So get your wallets ready by that time.

The price of the iPad 4 (Wi-Fi) is $499, $599, $699 for 16GB, 32GB and 64GB models respectively. The 4G LTE iPad 4 will cost you another $130 on top of the Wi-Fi model ones.

So are you going to buy the unexpected iPad 4? Well those of you who have never bought an iPad or currently own an iPad 2 should definitely get this but those of you who have recently got the iPad 3, it is not worth the upgrade, but again this all depends on you.


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