Top 5 iPhone 5 Apps for Editing Pictures In 2012

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Clicking stunning pictures from your iPhone 5’s camera will surely be a thrilling experience. The camera of iPhone 5 is stuffed with amazing features like it uses sapphire crystal and low-light mode to click sharp images in the dark.  Although it has such outstanding qualities but we are always looking for more, so all the beautiful pictures clicked by iPhone 5’s camera need a retouch, so to edit all those pictures, here we bring you the list of Top 5 iPhone 5 Apps for Editing Pictures In 2012 In 2012.

 iPhone 5 Apps for Editing Pictures

5. Comic Touch Lite iPhone 5 App

Comic touch lite iPhone 5 app, is perfect app which makes your photos come alive. It allows you to give a comic book look to your pictures. You can do this by adding thinking balloons to your pictures. Then just fill the balloons, with suitable sayings and enjoy. You can also wrap your photos and can give some other effects too. There are different shapes of thinking clouds, different for each expressions like, whispers or speeches and many other funny things. You can also share these pictures through email or save them back to the Photo Library for even more sharing options.

Price: Free

Download Comic touch lite iPhone 5 Apps

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4. iSwap Faces iPhone 5 App

Give the best and most funniest change to your pictures by using this wonderful iSwap Faces, iPhone 5 app. Take a picture or upload it from the photo gallery but your picture must contain two faces. Now you don’t need to swap the faces of you and your friends by editing them in the photoshop, you can do this very quickly and easily with iSwap iPhone 5 photo editing app. You can also share these funny pictures on Facebook and can tag your friends.

Price: Free

Download iSwap iPhone 5 App

3. PhotoStash iPhone 5 App

If you are looking for a picture editing app, which can edit, stash and can share pictures at the same time. You can stash photo from your Facebook page for safe-keeping. Stash your photos and albums, your friends’ albums, even from Facebook pages you like with a click, safely saved to your phone or uploaded to Dropbox. It gives you more than 18 effects, which can be easily applied to the pictures. You can also share your edited pictures through Facebook and can have a great fun.

Price: Free

Download Phhotostash iPhone 5 App

2. SPPhotoFixL iPhone 5 App

SPPhotoFixl is the best app you need to manage and edit your photos. You can fix up the brightness, contrast, sharpness, hue, saturation and more. You can make some minor and massive changes in the pictures, which can enhance your pictures very easily. If you click some pictures in the same dull light condition, so it will allow you to correct it. You can also combine it with “SP Photo Cal” to create an amazing calendar with your retouched picture and can create excellent pictures.

Price : Free

Download SPPhotoFixL iPhone 5 App

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1. Instagram iPhone 5 App

The best one in the list of Top 5 iPhone 5 Apps for Editing Pictures In 2012 is Instagram. The Instagram app for the Apple’s sixth-generation iPhone has been modified as per the changes that are introduced in the new iPhone 5, especially the large 4-inch screen. iPhone 5 users will be definitely appreciating that the filters don’t overlap on the photo anymore, leaving you a larger space to see what your photo will actually look like. Also the Photo Maps feature of the updated app is really amazing, when used on the iPhone 5. Moreover the process of recovering lost or forgotten passwords are also made quite easier and the usage of the app for new comers has also been made simpler enough.

 Price: Free

Download Instagram iPhone 5 App

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