Top 5 Free Car Racing Games For The iPad

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Playing games on your iPad is always very thrilling, especially some action filled games. This time we bring for you a list of Top 5 Free Car Racing Games For The iPad. The best thing about all these iPad games is that although they all are very fun to play but are also free of cost. This means that now you don’t need to spend money for your favorite racing games.

 Free Car Racing Games

5. Street Racer iPad Game

Street racer, surely needs no introduction because it is one of the most enjoyable and free car racing game. It is an all in one game because it is free, easy to play and it come with brilliant graphics, that is why it is one of the best racing game. All you need to do is just tilt your iPad and the car will move turn left or right. You should try that the car should not come in contact with the wall or any other car. It has full HD graphics, with beautiful landscapes and 8 different cars to choose from. So hurry up and get this free iPad racing game.

Download Street Racer iPad game.

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4. Car Builder HD iPad Game

Car games doesn’t only refers to racing and speeding up the cars. Now you can also create your own car, with a help of a game called Car Builder. It is a very simple but it is great fun to play it. The game allow you to choose from several parts for the car you want to make. You can build a car of any size and color. The game come in full HD resolution, which makes the game more fun to play. You can also share your car with your friends and tell how good you are in creating cars.

Download Builder HD iPad game

 3. Drift Mania Championship Lite iPad Game

Drift Mania is one of the most popular game from the App store. It is free and fun to play. In this game you have to go through different levels. But the game is played by a unique Motorsport, where points are allocated on 4 main criteria: Speed, Line, Angle and Impact, following them will lead to the completion of the game. You can also challenge your friends by submitting your high scores online. There are many more interesting features in this game, once you’ve got this, you will come to know.

Download Drift Mania Championship iPhone 5 App

2. Nitro Nation Drag Racing

Nitro Nation is one of the largest and most demanded free racing game, with over 50 million players. It is well known for its real life experience of driving. It is a fully loaded app with features such as; you can upgrade your car, test the car before you drive it and much more. The game is dived in few modes and you can play with beginners, so that you can earn coins and upgrade your car. You can go online and challenge others too. You can also share your scores on Facebook and can have great fun.

Download Nitro Nation Drag Racing.

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 1. CSR Racing iPad Game

The best one in the list of  Top 5 Free Car Racing Games For The iPad is CSR racing. There are many reasons, which makes it stand at the top, some amazing features are, it give you an experience like you are driving a real and your dream car. You can upgrade your Audi R8, BMW M3 or Chevy Corvette with turbos, nitrous injection and aerodynamic tweaks to beat tougher and tougher opponents. It has clear and best graphics, which makes it fun to play. You can play online too, to gain more coins, so that you can upgrade your car.

Download CSR Racing .

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