Top 5 iPhone Apps For Picnic In 2012

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Going out with family and friends for a picnic is always joyful and your iPhone also make your special picnics something more fun and memorable. This time we bring for you a list of top 5 iPhone apps for picnic in 2012. These apps will help you to get all the information about how should you plan a good picnic and much more. It will also guide you how to make your picnic more enjoyable.

iPhone Apps For Picnic

5. 101 Camping and Outdoor Recipes

Now you can enjoy delicious food even if your are on a picnic or any outdoor adventure, with an iPhone app called 101 camping and outdoor recipes. This app allow you to cook tasty recipes in a very short period of time. It allows you to chose from the wide range of recipes this means you can create easy and quick breakfast, lunch and dinner, by simply choosing from 101 recipes. So now you can enjoy delicious recipes even if you are not at your home.

Price: $0.99

 Download 101 Camping and Outdoor Recipes

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4. Great British Picnics iPhone App

As the  name says the great British picnics allow you to enjoy adorable picnics in the Britain. This iPhone app work as a navigator and guide you what are the best places to go for a picnic. It tell you about forests, bays, beaches and much more.The best part is it also tell you about the weather of the place you are about to visit. Once the place is decided, the next big question is, what to cook for the picnic? So don’t worry because great British also tell how to cook delicious recipes for the picnic.This is an all in one app with many other features too, which will help you to plan the best picnic ever.

Price: Free

Download Great British Picnics iPhone app.

3. Trip Journal For iPhone

Trip Journal For iPhone is another amazing app that acts as your travel dairy in your iPhone and keeps a record of your entire picnic, as you can keep it up to date through photographs and notes regarding that particular place. In order to track your trip you have two ways either to check your location via GPS or you can even keep a continuous track of your movement. Furthermore, for making your trip journal look more attractive you can even add waypoint to highlight the places of special interest. With that, anywhere at anytime you can have a view of your entire trip, including your maps routes and way points, by just hitting View Trip. At last you can share your whole adventure by placing your trip journal or so called travel dairy on different sites.

Price: $2.99

Download Trip Journal iPhone

2.MyNature Animal Track For iPhone

Here comes another magnificent app if you are going to visit a forest for camping or picnic and this especially for those who are nature lovers and want to remain always connected to it. My Nature Animal Track For iPhone is one of the best iPhone app for picnics as it helps you to identify different animals around you, by taking their color, size, shape and tracks under observation. There than it also shows you full color digital images of those animals. These pictures on iPhone modify each feature of the creature and also tell you about the s sounds animals produce.

Price: $6.99

Download  MyNature Animal Track for iPhone

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1. uPackingList iPhone App

The best app in the list of Top 5 iPhone Apps For Picnic In 2012 is uPackingList. This because it is one of the most wanted app needed for a pack. This work as your check list and tell you what you should take with you for the picnic. There are more than 300 items from where you have to select the list of things which you are taking or want to take, so when you will recheck your list it will tell whether you have got all your things are ready or not. So now, you will have a complete list, which will help you to plan a perfect picnic.

Price: $1.99

 Download uPackingList iPhone App

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