Apple Gives $2.5 Million To Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts

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No doubt Apple is earning billions each year but the company is not enjoying the entire profit alone as it is spending some amount on charity too. As per the mail received by 9to5Mac, Apple gives $2.5 million to hurricane sandy relief efforts. This huge sum is donated for the betterment of the victims and to improve their communities and businesses.

Apple’s Donation To Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts

The huge amount of $2.5 millions has been raised by the fruit company alone but it is not the only amount raised. Apple set up an additional portion on its website (via iTunes) so people could directly give donations to the red cross, which can further help the people who have been affected by this super storm Sandy.

Mentioning the progress of the existing iTunes-based campaign in his email, Tim Cook says, “Apple employees and customers the world over have raised millions of dollars toward the relief effort so far,” But he added another staement which showed that the company will be donating more to such hazards, as he said,” but adding that “[Apple] can always do more.”

One thing that should be appreciated here is that its not the first time that Apple has raised funds for the disasters but previously the company also contributed in relief efforts for the the tsunami and earthquake that devastated the east coast of Japan in 2011.

(Via 9to5mac)

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