Facebook Is Testing Sound Notifications & New Reply Feature

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Facebook might just be the only major tech company that is not happy with itself (pun-intended). It seems Facebook rolls out a new feature every single day, some are great but some are just annoying. These two new features which Facebook has rolled out to a selected few, might fall in the latter category.

Facebook is introducing two major changes to its billion+ user site. Sound notifications and a new reply on comment are currently being tested by Facebook engineers.

Facebook Sound Notifications

Did you hear that ping sound? Well if not, you are going to hear it very soon.

Facebook is testing a new sound notifications on a selected test group. Whenever someone writes on your wall, comments on your picture or invites you to an event, you are going to hear a ping sound.

The test group that had this feature have just one word to describe it, “annoying”. And, I think they are right. Constantly getting a “ping” sound whenever someone invites you to an event, that is countries away from you, will definitely sound annoying.

Facebook has confirmed this sound notification but has not given a time frame on when it will be available to the general public.

Facebook I suggest you not to include this new feature.

Facebook Reply On Comment

Besides the sound notifications, Facebook is testing another major new feature and that is ability to reply on comments.

Whenever someone comments on your Facebook status, pictures or anything; you will see an option to reply to that individual. This new reply on comment has been rolled out to a selected few.

The image (via tweet) shows exactly how this feature will look like.

It is still not confirmed when this reply on comment feature will be available for the general public. Although we currently can reply to anyone on a comment using the “@” but replying directly to a comment could be a good idea.

Well what do you think about the Facebook sound notifications and reply on comment feature?

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1 Comment to Facebook Is Testing Sound Notifications & New Reply Feature

  1. The new replying feature is pretty cool in my opinion. I have been testing it today and it is very useful when you want to comment directly to another persons comment.

    I have not seen the new notification update yet, but I’m sure it will be as good as it sounds. (Pun-intended)

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