iOS 6 Clock App Lands Apple $21Million Fine!

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Everyone knows how much money Apple is making. Billions and billions, so be it a major tech company or a single individual everyone wants a piece of the pie, the Apple pie. Well Swiss National Railway Operator SBB has got some piece of that pie. How? By suing Apple.

Apple iOS 6 Clock

When Apple launched iOS 6 to the general public it brought in many changes to Apple’s most advanced operating system. One minor tweak in iOS 6 was the new clock app.

Apple uses this (pictured above) famous clock in iOS 6. This clock designed by a Swiss engineer Hans Hilfiker in 1944 remains the property of the Swiss National Railway Operator SBB, which currently uses this clock in its all SBB stations.

Apple without any permission used this clock in iOS 6 which angered SBB, and therefore asked Apple to either remove this or pay a fine.

Via ChannelNewsAsia:

The rail operator’s spokeswoman Patricia Claivaz however told AFP in September SBB was preparing to meet with Apple to discuss why the company had begun using the famous clock on one of its new applications for iOS 6 without authorization.

Well it seems, Apple which is stuff in cash agreed to pay an undisclosed amount to SBB for using their clock. Well we now know the price and it is a huge $21million!

Apple future logo

Now you will be wondering as why in the hell did Apple pay such a huge amount of cash for using a simple clock? It could have made another one, right? Well as you know with Apple, they are after perfection. And, Swiss SBB clock is one of the most famous clocks in the world and is recognized for its perfection.

So folks there you go. $21million might seem a lot to us but for Apple that is just mere pocket change for something that they think is outstanding.

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