Samsung Increasing Prices Of AP’s For Apple Rumor Debunked

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It was reported a couple of days ago that Samsung was going to increase the price of Application Processors for Apple by 20 percent. Well that rumor has now been debunked, thanks to  a Samsung executive. Check out the details below:

A report by Marketwatch previously mentioned that Samsung was going to increase the price of AP’s (Application Processors) only for Apple. The increase in price was going to be a heft 20 percent, which would have made Apple’s product to be even more expensive. They are expensive now but being even more expensive! Well let’s not go there.

The increase in price of AP’s rumor has now been debunked.

A Samsung official has denied the claims that it was going to charge 20 percent more from Apple; notes Seoul-based newspaper The Hankyoreh. The officials who asked not be named mentioned that the prices of application processors are set at the beginning of the year and are not changed easily.

Samsung and Apple have been throwing lawsuits at each other for quite sometime now. The last lawsuit which was in favor of Apple, dealt a huge blow for Samsung when it was asked to pay one billion dollars. In return fire, Samsung counter-sued over patent infringement for the iPhone 5.

Well it seems this cat and mouse game is going to run for quite sometime until they both come to a peaceful solution, which now seems to be quite unthinkable. Well until then you will be probably hearing more from these two might companies.

At least we know now that Samsung has not increased the prices for the application processors, yet.

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