Here Is How To Set The Speed For Home Button In iOS 6

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One of the most prominent features of most iOS devices is the home button, pioneered by Steve Jobs as the only button required on a mobile device. Well it seems there is an option to change the click speed for the home button on iOS 6 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, and here is how to set the speed for the home button.

Set Click Speed Home Button

The home button on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch is probably the most used feature of an iOS device, unless you are using the tweak Zephyr. You use it almost every time you have to close an app, use Siri, start your iOS device, bring out app switcher and much more. One of the most common uses of the iPhone is double tapping, or even triple tapping the home button, which for some might seem a bit hard.

If you want to bring out the app switcher you have to double tap the iPhone home button, which to some might seem a bit fast. Well here is where Apple’s “home-click speed” feature comes in.

You can now set the click speed for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch’s home button. To do that simply follow the steps below:

STEP 1: On your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch head over to the Settings app followed by General.

STEP 2: Tap on Accessibility at the bottom.

STEP 3: Now under “Physical & Motor”, tap on the “home-click speed.

STEP 4: Now you can set the speed of the home click button, either “slow” or slowest”.

Those people who had difficulty in quickly tapping the home button should now be able to easily navigate their way around iOS using this feature.

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