Apple Co-founder Thinks Microsoft Is More Innovative Than Apple

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Apple and Microsoft, two companies in the world are a prime example of how technology can change the human lives. These two companies have had a more then two-three decade long competition. Now the question arises on which of these two are more innovative? The answer to this has been given by non-other-than Apple’s co-founder Steve Wozniak.

Microsoft More Innovative

Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple has been in the spot light for quite sometime. He recently was featured in an iOS game and today he showed no shyness of being in front of the camera when Techcrunch interviewed him.

When asked about whether Microsoft has become more innovative than Apple; his answer was something most of us would not have expected a co-founder of world’s most valuable company to say.

Here is his answer to Techcrunch TV:

“I fear that Microsoft might have been sitting in their labs, trying to innovate, with a formula. “How do we come up with new ideas? Let’s not keep doing the same things as before, just the newer versions of them.” They might have been doing that for three years, while Apple was just used to cranking out the newest iPhone and falling a little behind. And that worries me greatly.”

Well it’s no wonder that one of the masterminds behind Apple thinks, it has fallen kind of behind the competition. Microsoft which has been praised many times by many different famous personalities has indeed been more innovative.

With the launch of Surface RT and Windows 8, Microsoft has shown that the world does not need to follow the cliched icons and can move on to something more innovative such as the animated tiles.

Well everyone is entitled to an opinion, that was the opinion of Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. Do you think Microsoft is more innovative than Apple? Let us know in the comment section below.

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