Here Is How To Fix iPhone 5’s Wi-Fi

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No doubt iPhone 5 is a magnificent piece of innovation and creativity, with beautiful design and effective features. Its Wi-Fi is as good as its other amazing features but a lot of people have been complaining about the smartphone’s Wi-Fi that it’s worse and can’t get hold on the signals. If you are also one these people suffering from the awfulness of the Wi-Fi, then no need to worry as today we will tell you how to fix your iPhone 5’s Wi-Fi.

This Wi-Fi issue became more obvious when people held iPhone 5 in their one hand and iPhone 4S in the other, and then compared the Wi-Fi signals the are showing. They found that the Wi-Fi signals were much more stronger in iPhone 4S whereas in iPhone 5, there was barely a single signal struggling to stand for some seconds. This, sort of an experiment, ensure that there exists a Wi-Fi issue for iPhone 5, so lets now talk about the solution.

For many people the solution that worked to fix iPhone 5’s Wi-Fi issue, was to switch their Router over from WPA/WPA2 over to WEP. Although, the two are newer then WEP but the two also have some synchronization issues on networks with the older devices. And may be this is the problem that the iPhone 5 is encountering, causing crappy Wi-Fi. Thus the newer WPA-enabled devices are supposed to be able to automatically switch back and use WEP, which might fix iPhone 5’s Wi-Fi. But one thing that you should know here is that WEP is significantly less secure.

Furthermore, this solution to fix iPhone 5’s Wi-Fi issue is not a permanent one but is temporary until Apple ponders on this issue and resolves this Wi-Fi problem. As in this solution you are trading your Wi-Fi’s security.

Now the question comes how to switch to Router? Then to tell you thats quite simple, as all you have to do is to visit your Router gate way. This you can do through Google. For example, Western Digital routers can be accessed by simply typing “wprouter” into your URL bar. Following this, go to Wireless and Security options, select WEP instead of WPA and then enter your password again. You are done!

Was this solution to fix iPhone 5’s Wi-Fi issue effective?

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