Top 10 Siri Tricks For iPhone

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Siri is one of the best and most unique thing about iPhone because it allow you to give voice commands and make it easy for you to operate your iPhone. With Siri you can schedule meetings, place phone calls and much more. But there are some fun tricks, which can help you to use Siri in a much more fun and easy way, so here we bring for you the list of top 10 Siri Tricks for iPhone.

10 Siri Tricks For iPhone

10. Fix Mistakes with Siri

As you know that Siri enable voice commands but sometimes these commands can get wrong too. This happens when you do not pronounce the world correctly. The wrong dictated words are highlighted in blue, so if you want to correct it just tap the highlighted words and you can then see the correct word. This means that now you don’t have to correct the wrong words every time you type something, Siri makes it easy for you to get your text free of flaws.

9. Update Facebook and Twitter Statuses

Twitter and Facebook are the best sources to stay in touch with your friends. Updating statuses are also great fun and now with Siri you can do this too. All you need to do is simply ask Siri to “update your status” or “tweet a message”. For example you can just say “Siri, update my Facebook status saying I’m having a great time”, Siri will then automatically update your status for you.

8. Remember Contacts

Siri not only recognizes you but your contacts too. For setting relations, go to your contact list select the person then tap the left side of the field that appears on the form and you’ll be given with a list of relationships, choose the one suitable with the contact once it it finalized, Siri will ask you whether it should remember it or not? If yes, then every time you want send that contact a message or stuff, just say the name or the relation and it will automatically do so.

7. Find Your Friends

If you want Siri to locate the position of your friends, then it is not a big deal for it. All you need to do is just download an app called Find My friend(free). The app allow you to locate your friends position in such a way that, you have to ask Siri to locate the position of any of your friend, so it will send them a message for approving permission. Once your friend approved it, you will be able to know where they are.

6. Scheduling Events

Siri is ideal for setting and organizing schedules and other important events. All you need to do is just say the date, time and other related information and the event will be marked. You don’t have to remember when or where a meeting or any other thing. For Example if you want to check any upcoming event so all you need to say is “Do I have anything on my calendar next week?” and Siri will answer your question. You can also make changes without even touching your iPhone. Just say the commands and the work is done.

5. Start From Where You Ended

Sometimes it happens that you are not able to finish your dictation and have to shut off  that you were writing. Now continue from where you left with Siri. Just tap or tell Siri what and where you want something to be added to the text.  If you are using the Home button or raise-to-speak method to talk to Siri, you can’t use instructions like “new paragraph”. Nor can you tell it where to add text. But still it can help you a lot.

4. Punctuate Your Text

While dictating Siri, she is not always correct in punctuating and this may cause a bit problem. Like if you want to change the para or line spacing so this might be tricky. But now Siri is able to fulfill these requirements and will do what exactly you want her to do. It will automatically insert where comas, full stops or etc, where needed.

3. Create Lists

Although you can not create list with Siri but you can add events is the created lists. Just say the thing, event you want to be there in the list. For example if you have created a shopping list but want to add something, so just say the thing plus add it to list so it will be automatically inserted in the list. In such a way you can edit your lists in a couple of seconds.

2. Dictate To Siri

This part surely need no explanation because as we all know that Siri is there when you want to ask or want to give commands. But you can also dictate things with it. Like if you want to type a huge and long text just tap the mic button and start dictating. Siri listens for a bit longer in this mode. Tap the Done button when you’re finished. If you missed something just bring the cursor there and your work is done.

1. Security with Siri

You can secure your iPhone by adding a pass-code to it. But even if your iPhone is locked you can still have an access to Siri, which will allow you to use some basic actions like messaging and few others. If you don’t want that Siri can answer the commands if iPhone is unlocked, so you can make some changes and can deactivate it.

There are tons of more features and tricks about Siri so stay tuned!

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