Google To Start Its Own Wireless Network!

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When an idea pops up in the minds of the huge tech companies like Apple and Google then it becomes a news so what about this when such a huge name decides to build its own wireless network, of course it becomes the breaking news. Yes you are thinking right that a tech company has decided to extend its huge working network and if you want to know which tech company is this, then to tell you that it is the giant search engine Google.

It might be possible that Google wireless network will allow you to activate iPhone without SIM card in iOS 6.  Here are the details about Google wireless network.

Google Wireless Network

This huge news was brought to surface by world-renowned publication, The ‘Wall Street Journal’ who are known for bringing the hot stories of the tech companies to the surface.

But the news is not really a surprise because Google is expanding in all possible manners. The company has introduced Android in the OS market that is the toughest competitor to iOS . Furthermore, in the browsing world Google introduced Chrome that is the leading one at the moment. So this is quite vivid now that the company might move to bring its own wireless network to the market like AT&T Inc. and Verizon Wireless. And if we see the previous records of success of the giant search engine then we can easily predict that it will nail this one too.

For this similar discussion Google is said to have held numerous talks with satellite-TV company Dish Network Corp. As per the rumors the conversations are about a potential partnership between the two on an all-new wireless network. One thing that is quite certain is that these efforts will most importantly affect the providers such as AT&T Inc. and Verizon Wireless.

This could also happen that these discussions between the companies might lead to nothingness but that doesn’t mean that it’s the end, as Google might soon introduce its new project with someone else. Whereas, if we talk about Apple then in Jobs’ time the company thought of such a new scheme but now nothing seem to be working on it.

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 (via WSJ)

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