Top 5 iPhone Apps For Creating Music In 2012

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When it comes to music on a smartphone, there is no best device than iPhone. There is no doubt that you can listen unlimited songs from your iPhone through iTunes. But your iPhone also allows you to create music, for that you have to download these music apps. So don’t waste a second and checkout this list of Top 5 iPhone apps for creating music in 2012.

iPhone Apps For Creating Music

5. GuitarToolKit iPhone App

If you ever wanted to play the guitar but never had one, so don’t worry because GuitarToolKit will allow you to play the guitar, with perfect coordination, tunes and all other requirements. You can play any music or create it by your own. The app comes with all equipment, which consists of extremely accurate tuner, a precision metronome and a massive library of chords, scales and arpeggios. You can also record your piece of creation and review it when needed. It is stuffed with great features, which gives you a real experience of playing guitar.

Price: $9.99 

Download GuitarToolKit iPhone App

4. Piano iPhone App

For all those piano lovers, who want to play a piano, here we bring for you an app called Piano, which lets you play the piano according to your wish. You can create your own tunes or follow some already recorded tunes. Music is arranged in some categories like classic, pop or other. It is easy to use and has a friendly navigation. You can also adjust the background music and can create music as you wish.

Price: Free

Download Piano iPhone App

3. Harmonica iPhone App

Harmonica is another great instrument to play. With your iPhone, you can also play harmonica and can play your favorite tune. All you need to do is just blow the air on your iPhone’s screen and like a real harmonica it will start producing melodious sounds. If you think that it is a bit tricky to blow air and produce music, so you can also tap the keys and play it and have great fun.

Price: $0.99

Download Harmonica iPhone App

2. Table drum iPhone 5 app

If you always dream about composing your own music but never got a chance to make your dreams come true, now with iPhone 5 it is possible. All you have to do is just download table drum iPhone 5 app. Table drum is your virtual drum set, which helps you to combine the sound of any object in order to give you a high frequency drum sound. It is very easy to use, all you have to do is, hold down the drum pad until it starts glowing, tap and release any object for a while, the rim of pad will glow, when the process of linking is done. This app will provide you a platform to create  some wonderful music at your own.

Price: $0.99

Download table drum iPhone app.

1. Guitar world lick of the day

If you are addicted to music and want to create your own music, here we bring you the most easiest way  to create music. All you have to do is, download, Guitar world lick of the day iPhone app. This app is different from all other Guitar apps because it shows a list of licks available for you, which you download within the app.  It will provide written notes, which explain how to play the licks. You have also have an option between guitar tab or standard music stave. The app itself is free but you want to get full benefits, then you have to purchase the subscription of one, three and six months that will provide one guitar lick per day.


Download Guitar world lick of the day iPhone app.

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