Scam Artist Robs People Using Wooden iPads & MacBooks

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It seems Apple crime is on the rise as more and more Apple products are being targeted or are being involved in crimes relating to robberies and scams. Well folks we now have another story that some of you might have experienced; scam artists using fake products to rob you off your money. This time a scam artist used wooden MacBooks and iPads.

Wooden iPads & MacBooks

Imagine yourself in a shopping mall parking lot, a guy appears who is selling you iPads and MacBooks at a price you could ever dream of, you buy that Apple product and happily go home. Once you arrive and open to check it, you find out that your precious Apple product has turned out to be fake. Fake as in not just the parts not working, or the screen has been damaged; but fake as in that it is made out of wood! Yes folks you read that right, wooden iPads and MacBooks.

It is a new kind of scam that involves Apple products.

That’s exactly what happened to two people who thought they were buying an Apple product at a price which would have put a smile to their faces. Torrance Canady, 39, from Florida managed to rob of two people using just wooden iPads and MacBooks. He was planning to do more but the police caught him in time.

He cleverly crafted wooden iPads and MacBooks to look like the real thing and sold to idiots people in parking lots.

Via The Smoking Gun

The purported MacBook Pros were actually pieces of wood carefully wrapped in gray duct tape with the distinctive Apple logo centered on what appeared to be the machine’s cover. A Best Buy flier (listing the laptop’s price as $2194) was attached to one of the fakes, which was encased in bubble wrap.

Scam artist Torrance Canady

Currently it is not clear how many people he managed to scam with his wooden iPads and MacBooks but so far police have confirmed only two.

Torrance Canady placed the wooden iPads and MacBooks in a Fedx box and showed only the outer body which he bubbled wrapped it to hide the wooden Apple products. The image (top) shows some of his wooden Apple products.

When asked about this scam, he mentioned that he did not know these Apple products were fake and he was just trying to sell them. Well obviously police did not buy this and now he has to serve some time in jail.

Maybe next time he can polish his wooden skills to make them more Apple-y.

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