App Store Has Completed Its List Of One Million iOS Apps

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When each of the tech company is showing expansion and growth, so how come Apple is left behind. No doubt the fruit company is expanding in terms of variety of its products, as well as for their sale, but a major aspect of the company is also moving toward success and its the Apple’s App Store. The App Store is that bulk of apps that makes each of Apple’s product something much more then what it is actually. And today its a big day for this store when it has approved its 1 millionth app, which means that App store has completed its list of one million iOS apps. Check out the details.

This glad tiding was received by CNET and to them it was sent by an Appsfire spokesperson, who particularly mentioned that these one million iOS apps include only approved by Apple and went live. While those submitted and then rejected by the company were not included in this list.

As the fruit company is not really good in talking about its insides so this estimate might not be as accurate as expected, but one thing that is quite certain is that whatever number of apps the App Store is having, all really helpful. These apps helps the users to find programs worth downloading to their mobile devices.

Moreover, the news that popped up about App store having 700,000 applications was not totally wrong, as those apps were also included that have either been removed by developers or Apple.

We are looking forward for many more million apps in the upcoming years.

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