Top 5 iPhone Apps For College Students

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iPhone is a perfect device for all group ages, no matter if you are a teenager or an adult iPhone is always there to give you the best company. This time we bring a list for college going students, so checkout this list of top 5 iPhone apps for college students. All these apps are great fun to use but will also help you in your studies. Get all detail about these iPhone apps for college students.

iPhone Apps For College Students

5. iStudiez iPhone App

Organizing things and remembering important events is always a tough task especially in a hectic college life. Now iStudiez is an app, which allow you to control all your college work, with its built-in planner you can easily feed and manage all types of schedules like class timetable, test schedules and much more. It keeps you update about, which class is about to start and how much time is left. You can also get push notifications, about the next class, dead lines of assignments or any other pending work, which is to be done. If you lost your all college data from your iPhone, iStudiez always has a backup for it too. It is an all in one and a complete app for college students.

Price: $2.99

Download iStudiez iPhone App.

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4. Spotify iPhone App

For all those students, who sometimes get bored from the lecturers and need a break, so Spotify will give you this break by giving you access to thousands of songs. This app allows you to listen free radio, stream online and start your favorite track. No mobile connection is needed to enjoy the music. You can also create  your own sync playlist and can easily share these playlist on Facebook and twitter, to get feedback from your friends across the world. Recently spotify has announced a 7 day free trial period, then no need to waste your time, just download it.

Price: Free

Download Spotify iPhone app .

3. B&N Bookstore iPhone 5 App

Get the largest bookstore right to your iPhone 5. B&N allows you to snap a picture of the book you want to read and search it in the list. You can also look for CDs and DVDs. All you need to do is to click a picture of its front cover and you will get all the information. This all is in one app, which provides you with directions and maps for B&N shops and other stores where you can look for the books. It is very easy and a fun app to use.

Price: Free

Download B&N Bookstore iPhone 5 App

2. Evernote iPod Touch App

Evernote is a perfect app for all those who forget things very often. This works as your personal notepad, where you can note down all the important and basic things, dictated in a lecture. Such as if you want to search something on the internet, so just note it down and use it when needed. You can also sync your notes with computers or any other device you use. With Evernote you can also create to-do lists,  and timetables much more. Now with its improve features, you can have a fast access to notes and tags. This is an all in one app, which help you to remind all important tasks to do.

Price: Free

Download Evernote iPod Touch App.

1. iTunes U iPhone App

If you ever wished to study in the best universities across the globe but never got a change so don’t worry because Apple’s iTunes U allow you to get all the information, directly from the world best colleges and universities. The allow you to have access to all to notes, lectures or any other thing you want from the college, can be easily available on your iPhone. You can also take advises from some of the world’s greatest teacher. What else a college student needs, if he gets the best teachers and lectures, straight from his iPhone?

Price: Free

Download iTunes U iPhone App.

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