This Might Just Be The Best Apple TV Concept (IMAGES)

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It seems people just can’t get enough of Apple TV. No I’am not talking about the set top box but the entire Television. Now we present to you one of the best Apple TV concepts I have seen so far. Check out these amazing concepts of what what Apple TV might look like and how it will display the content.

We here at Maypalo have seen our fair share of concepts regarding an Apple television but most of them showed the outside while many ignored the most important bit and that is how an Apple TV is going to feel like while using it.

So check out some of these images regarding an Apple television below.

This Apple TV concept shows that a person will have the ability to purchase content via a subscription based method, notably a monthly subscription. It will be much like how Netflix’s works.

This Apple TV concept, much like previous concepts, shows that Siri will be heavily integrated into an Apple television. You would simply ask Siri on iTV or Apple TV whichever one you prefer; regarding what programs are being aired tonight or any other specific questions. Siri will then display the content which you have asked for.

Personally I think this would be a great idea if Apple does get to release a TV, many are expecting Apple to do so.

What do you think?

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