Apple Wins Ban On Some Samsung Galaxy Devices

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With each passing day the competition between Apple and Samsung gets even more tougher, especially after the release of iPhone 5. This is because iPhone 5 is overcoming the Samsung Galaxy S3’s fame. But apart from this competition the two leading tech companies are still trying to defeat each other in the trial and for this both the companies daily take some steps to restrict others progress. This time Apple took the opportunity and played its part, and won the ban on some Samsung Galaxy devices.

The products are banned only in Netherlands. The ruling from the Court of The Hague, about the ban was handed down on Wednesday. The ban applies to Galaxy products running Android 2.2.1 or later and the reason for this ban is that these smartphones were using an Apple-patented method for scrolling through images in a photo gallery using a touch screen.

Samsung is not only punished with this ban but the Korean would now be paying a penalty of 100,000 euros, or $129,000 U.S., every day to Apple. However, this is also quite true that, infringing Apple’s products Samsung has also earned huge profits since 2011.

This war,which is sometimes pretty active and sometimes cold, seems never ending as it is going on from so long time, with no victor has been decided yet. This is not the first time as before this, Apple enjoyed a great victory over Samsung, in U.S., with a jury giving the verdict that Samsung violated some Apple patents and ordering the Korean company to pay $1.05 billion in damages. But Apple is not always this lucky, as the fruit company has also lost many such trials against Samsung.

According to you who will be the ultimate winner?

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