AT&T Has The Best 4G LTE Service But Worst Customer Service

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AT&T has always been a leading and trusted company for providing iPhone. Though it is a well-trusted company but it has always been badly criticized by consumers. This time an influential U.S magazine, Consumer Reports got some interesting information regarding one of the biggest carriers in the United States, AT&T and its 4G LTE service.

The main ranking for U.S major wireless operator is finally released. Unfortunately AT&T has been rated as the worst carrier of all carriers! From the previous few years AT&T has faced a massive decline. Similarly like the previous year, AT&T has been ranked as the worst wireless operator from the customers side.

The review was taken by 63,000 readers of the magazine. The readers suggested Verizon as the best wireless operator and also appreciated Verizon for its commendable result in terms of voice and data service quality. On the second rank was Sprint, then comes T-Mobile and in the end comes AT&T. But when it comes to 4G LTE AT&T got its lead, while Verizon remained constant on it previous position.

Some other smaller wireless operators like U.S Cellular and Credo Mobile, secured much better response of consumers. U.S cellular scored about 88 percent of positive response from the consumers which was much better than Verizon and AT&T put together, both of them hardly managed to score 72 percent.

AT&T has recently expanded its LTE coverage to 103 markets covering 150 million people, that doesn’t mean everybody is using a 4G LTE device though, so maybe when everybody moves to LTE, AT&T will be able to climb out of the familiar hole of being rated last place and it will be able to improve its progress.

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