Android Beats iOS In Game Revenue

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Once again iOS vs Android cold war is at its peak and time Android seems to take the lead. Day after other these both tech companies beat each other to stay on the top. Back in few days, Android seemed to be very active and had proven itself extremely positive for its consumers. Similarly this time as well Android has improved its profit. This time the competition is between the app stores of the two smart companies. Checkout all the details about this new battle between iOS and Android.

According to  App Annie, an app analytic company, reviews for the the annual increase in the revenue of both the companies was released. This was the total review for the year of 2011-12. The result was quite shocking. Google play, the official app store for  Android, has improved about 311%, on the other hand App store, the official app store of Apple got only 12.9% over the 12 months. When it comes to free apps for downloading Android scored 48% over the 12-month period, while iOS grew only 3.3%.

Bertrand Schmitt, CEO, App Annie, stated :

“The gap between global revenues on iOS and Google Play is still there, but the gap is shrinking every month, creating more opportunities for publishers to generate significant revenue growth in several countries on Google Play.”

App Annie also stated the top 10 iOS publishers, as per the revenue for October 2012 were, Electronic Arts, Supercell, Zynga, Gameloft, Apple, Applibot, SQUARE ENIX, GungHo Online Entertainment, Kabam and Gree.

For Android top publishers were, DeNA Co., COLOPL, GungHoOnlineEntertainment , WeMade Entertainment, LTD, Zynga, GAMEVIL, Gree, NAVER, Gameloft and NextFloor. The top companies showed a remarkable work. Though some of the companies had only one or two high performance apps, while some had over 50.


The CEO of App Annie, also mentioned,

“We can also see from the data that app publishers have two options when it comes to becoming a global app store success -– distributing a large quantity of apps, or marketing one or two high-quality apps,” says Schmitt. “Both business models are working – from large publishers including EA and Zynga, which have been able to scale, to smaller publishers such as Supercell, which had runaway success last month with Clash of Clans.”

Now comes the revenues of the two companies. In Google’s play store, Japan took the lead over United States. Whereas for iOS, US maintain its rank and was at the top with revenue of 32.7% , while revenue for was Japan’s 14.1%.


What has become clear from App Annie’s first Index is that while iOS took home more of the global revenue pie in October, the rising adoption of Google Play in Asian markets, including South Korea and Japan, is already driving major revenue growth opportunities on the platform, says Schmitt.

This means that if the two companies want to have a good hold on their customers then they should introduce more amazing apps to their stores.

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