iPhone 5 Now Ships In 2-4 Business Days!

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Well this is great news for those of you who have been waiting to get their hands on an iPhone 5. According to latest Apple online store sightings, shipping times have improved greatly. Apple’s iPhone 5 now ships in 2-4 business days!

iPhone 5 Online Shipping

Those people who are currently living in New Zealand, we have some great news for you. It seems that currently you are the only country where the shipping dates for the iPhone 5 have greatly improved.

By how much? Well we reported last week that iPhone 5 was shipping in one week, it now seems that this shipping time date has improved to 2-4 business days! Now this is definitely great news for those Apple-geeks-in-waiting.

The image above can now be seen at Apple’s New Zealand online store which lists the iPhone 5 shipping time at 2-4 business days.

At the time of writing shipping dates for iPhone 5 in United States is one week, but we are expecting this to improve in the coming days and other countries to follow suit. When iPhone 5 pre-orders were sold out, the shipping dates for it shot up to one month and since then have slowly started improving.

Well we are expecting the shipping dates for iPhone 5 worldwide to improve soon.


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