Apple Now Offers Unlimited Number Of iPhone 5!

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If you have been following Apple, by which I mean if you have been buying Apple products for quite sometime, you would recognize one important rule. That is; you are only allowed to initially buy 2 iPhone’s per person per transaction, and 10 iPhone’s per lifetime. Well it’s all about to be changed now.

Unlimited iPhones

According to a new rule you can buy as many iPhone 5s or any other iPhone as you want. The rule which allowed a person to buy two iPhone’s per transaction has been changed to 10 per transaction now.

This new rule has immediately gone into affect as many Apple online stores now remove the restriction of buying iPhone 5s. If you wanted to buy your family or friends iPhone 5s now, well this is probably a good time as the iPhone lifetime has been removed as well. You can now buy unlimited iPhone 5s in a lifetime.

Well unlimited does still have a number but that’s quite a big one. You can now buy up to 999 iPhone 5’s online but the restriction is still 10 per transaction.

This and previous reports regarding shipping dates show that iPhone 5 availability has greatly improved. You can now order a factory unlocked iPhone 5 and receive it within 2-4 business days.

The other good news is that by the end of this month, iPhone 5 will be available in over 100 countries meaning no more black market transactions.


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