First Leaked Pictures Of iPhone 5S Surface (IMAGES)

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Here we go, the rumor mill regarding a next generation iPhone has officially started. Today apparently it seems we have leaked images of the next generation iPhone, that might be called the iPhone 5S. Check out the pictures of leaked iPhone 5S below.

Leaked iPhone 5S Pictures

Well this didn’t take long. Leaked iPhone 5S pictures have been surfaced thanks to a parts firm called ETrade supply which mention these images (above and below) to be that of the iPhone 5S.

These images; if they are true, will make the iPhone 5S very similar to that of the current iPhone, the iPhone 5.

The back panel image shows that iPhone 5S is ditto copy of the iPhone 5, but the real difference lies in the inside. The image below shows that this might be the real thing considering the screws are laid different from the iPhone 5.

The other factor which might indicate that these images are of the iPhone 5S is the label “X” on the back panel. The symbol “X” is normally used for prototypes which might indicate that this is in fact the iPhone 5S. But this can also refer to a prototype of the current iPhone 5. Maybe someone got their hands on a prototype of the iPhone 5 when it was in production line.

These images do indicate that Apple is working on the iPhone 5S but let’s not get too head of ourselves. First; the company that provided these images has no tract record, they might be doing this to garner some page views, secondly it’s very unlikely that Apple has started production of these iPhone 5S’s.

It was reported couple of weeks ago that Apple was testing the iPhone 5S and that it was expected to make a debut in summer of 2013. But if we are to believe Apple’s new product launching cycle then Apple won’t launch the iPhone 5S or whatever it’s going to call this coming summer.

Well what do you think?

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  1. Melvin White

    That “X” is an “X” over a garbage can which means to not toss these devices (more specifically the battery) into your garbage. That’s why there’s places where you can recycle your phone(s) and other electronic devices. A land fill filled up with these batteries would be a nightmare.

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