Details Regarding Samsung Galaxy S4 Will Make You Want To Throw Your iPhone!

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Have I gone completely insane saying something like? How can I say something like this considering Maypalo is, after all an Apple blogs? Well folks, some new juicy details regarding the Galaxy S4 are in. Believe it or not, they are simply breathtaking!

Galaxy S4 Details

Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung’s flagship device in the fight against Apple has sure made many headlines around the world. Android fans will call it the best smartphone in the world but if you ask Apple fans, they will simply diss it calling it another copy of the iPhone.

Well that battle between Samsung Galaxy S3 and the iPhone 5 is a never ending one, so let’s not discuss about that. After all, each new day we get hundreds of new posts regarding which one is the better one. But there is one device that might actually end the entire discuss.

That device is codenamed as the “Project J”.

So what exactly is “Project J”? Well for starters its a codename given to Samsung’s up-coming flagship device, that is Samsung Galaxy S4. So what makes this Samsung Galaxy S4 so special? Well the details regarding Samsung Galaxy S4 are quite mouth-watering.

Galaxy S4 which is expected to debut April – May 2013 would pack an “unbreakable flexible screen”. That’s the stuff from the future!

To give you an idea on what I’am talking about. Check out the video below which shows unbreakable flexible screens.

While you might think that it’s not possible. Let me remind you that Samsung has been testing these flexible and unbreakable screens for quite sometime now. Samsung first showed this unbreakable and flexible screen back in CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2011. And, I hope by now they would have integrated it in a smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Specs

The report which comes via Reuters mention that Samsung Galaxy S4 could pack in an unbreakable screen.

It is also expected that Galaxy S4 would feature a bigger and better display with a quad-core processor. A 13-mp camera is also on the menu. Talking about the display, Galaxy S4 will pack pixel density of 441 (ppi), which is much higher than iPhone 5’s 326 ppi (pixels per inch).

The specs alone would put the iPhone to shame and considering it will have an unbreakable screen, well I leave the rest to you.

Well if Samsung does release the Galaxy S4 with these specs and flexible and unbreakable screen, then I for one will definitely be getting a Samsung. What about you?

Let’s hope Apple has something good cooking for us but recent reports show that iPhone 5S will only be a specs upgrade nothing magical.

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  1. Stupid, maybe The LCD wont Break, but what about The Glas and backcover? They brake every time, i repair that shit, Nobody Breaks that shit! And ive got an iPhone, because its The jailbreak that makes your phone Sick, more ppi and more mg will Come 🙂

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